New pattern: Petites Feuilles cardigan

I’m a bit late to the party here, since my latest design, Petites Feuilles cardigan, went live a little while ago.



I knew I wanted to do a spring-themed cardigan with some leaf motifs (“petites feuilles” means “little leaves” in French). Then when Mellifera Yarn‘s beautiful merino dk showed up in my mailbox (Mel came up with the gorgeous “Lawn” colorway when I asked whether if she could come up with a fresh, crisp light green colorway), I felt really inspired and went to work.

And boy this one turned out to be quite a bit of work! But I’m thrilled with the result. My test-knitters were so great in helping me work out kinks [Thanks guys!]

One of the cool things about this cardi (I think) is that the leaf motif is the right side up (stem towards the bottom) AND the body is knit top-down (which I think is a pleasant and practical construction for long-sleeve sweaters). There are quite a few leaf-themed garments that are knit top-down but all of them seem to have the leaf pointing down. Also, I wanted a garter stitch background for those leaves, not reverse stockinette, because I think garter stitch is just more fun to knit and super squishy. Finally, I wanted the leaf motif to be embossed, not flat.

Well, with all of these pre-requisites, it turns out that I had to come up with my own design for the leaf motif, which involved a LOT of trial and error. I also thought I should offer charts in addition to written instructions for this pattern, and there was a bit of a [ahem] learning curve there too!

So, in summary, I pushed myself with this one, and I’m excited about the result. In addition to the cool way it’s constructed, there are also cute details (elbow patches, optional pockets…) that make it a super fun knit.

I am planning on coming up with 3 more designs based on the leaf theme, so it will be a mini-collection if you will! Stay tuned for more leaf-y knits very soon!

Name that shrug contest!


EDIT: Thank you everyone for your suggestions! I have selected MISS DAISY to be the name of this new pattern, after a suggestion I got on my Facebook page. Congratulations to the winner!

Ta-da!! Look what just fell off my needles. Do you want to help me find a name for it?
If I select your suggestion, you win a copy of this pattern AND any other one of my patterns!!

Here’s how to participate: either follow this blog, “Like” my Facebook page, join my group on Ravelry, or follow me on Instagram, and leave me your suggestion in any of these places.
If I select your idea, you win a copy of this pattern AND any other one of my patterns!!

Contest closes on Friday, Feb.7th.

(Please allow until the end of the month for this pattern to be written up, edited and tested)

New Year Resolution #1: Selfish Knitting

So. New Year resolutions. Yea or Nay? (I almost wrote “yay”, ha)

I have a few resolutions floating in my head, nothing set in stone. Perhaps writing them down here will make them more likely to happen!

One thing I want to do this year, for my own sanity really, is to carve out some time for “selfish knitting.” My definition of this would include knitting more things for myself of course (rather than just for my children or for gift-giving). But also, and this is trickier for me to do: not always knitting with a potential design in mind, or heavily modifying an existing design that falls short of what I want.

Rather, the idea would to just knit recreationally sometimes, mindlessly really, from a great pattern that someone else has completely worked out. Trying to get back the feeling of meditation that you can get from the act of knitting, knitting in the round, stitch after stitch to create a sea of stockinette, or chanting the instructions to yourself as you work a lace repeat.

So: here’s my first Selfish Knit of the year, which I did as part of a Knitalong on Ravelry– A first for me! That was fun!!



Pattern: Sprig by Alana Dakos, a “preview” from the upcoming Botanical Knits 2 collection

Yarn: Cascade 220 Heathers in Birch Heather

Time to knit: about 3 weeks, but I knit most of it in 10 days.

My mods: I started with the smallest size for the neckline because I wanted to make sure that it wouldn’t gape. Then I increased until I got the raglan stitch counts for the second size, and added the number of underarm stitches of the third size. So I ended somewhere between size 2 and 3 for the bust and sleeves. My detailed mods are visible on my Ravelry page.

What I thought about the pattern: A really neat and clever design, surprisingly straightforward and pretty fast to knit. I loved working the neckline, I will definitely use this idea of working “attaching as you knit” in the future. I liked the little finishing touches, which make the sweater look really polished. I do think it fits well but I had to mix-n-match the stitch counts to achieve this. On the other hand I am not getting the boatneck effect, but honestly, even though it looks lovely on the model with nothing underneath, I wouldn’t love it as much with a bra-strap or t-shirt peeking-out of it.

What I would do differently next time: I wouldn’t use Cascade 220, which is one of the yarns that is suggested, the resulting fabric is a bit too stiff, lacking drape. I was hoping it would grow a bit during blocking but it did not budge at all, which is a good thing in general! The alternate yarn suggested is 50% alpaca, so the drape would be better, though I’d worry that the gorgeous neckline details might get lost in the alpaca fuzzies.

I think I might also skip the waist shaping altogether, it’s a bit snug-fitting at the moment (leftover pregnancy weight notwithstanding) and possibly make longer sleeves, though that might mess up with the balance of the design.

Défi 13: Entrechat

Ah les jolies petites choses toutes roses des petites filles… J’espère que mon fils me pardonnera quand il sera plus grand de lui avoir mis des trucs de fille sur le dos pour les besoins de la cause… Ceci dit… Il est pas mignonne??

DSC_0736 DSC_0841 DSC_0866

Je voulais essayer une nouvelle construction (enfin nouvelle pour moi!) et tricoter le corps de ce boléro d’une pièce en relevant les mailles des raglans pour former les pans du devant. Et je voulais aussi utiliser une bordure au point mousse verticalement pour former l’encolure parce que je trouve que ça change un peu. Pour bien marquer le mouvement, j’ai placé une bande contenant un joli point texturé — facile cette fois!! le point de vannerie utilisé dans mon Latte Baby Coat serait joli aussi, mais je voulais quelque chose vraiment simple pour les tricoteuses moins expérimentées.

Enfin, un petit effet volanté dans le dos, et zou! Tricoté en deux temps trois mouvements avec même pas un écheveau de Malabrigo Merino Worsted (pour la taille 12-18 mois). Le pattern est écrit et 8 tailles seront disponibles, du 0-3mois au 5-6 ans. Je l’envoie illico chez mon “tech editor” pour contrôle… Donc je pense qu’il sera publié (en Anglais pour le moment… promis la traduction de mes patterns c’est pour bientôt) pour la nouvelle année!

Pour voir les autres défis (thème du mois: techniques jamais utilisées en tricot et couture) c’est par ici!!


The Défi’13 challenge is a monthly knitting or sewing project in the French blogosphere. The challenge’s theme this month was “new techniques in knitting and sewing”, so I thought I would introduce my latest prototype, whose construction is a bit different — I also used a new stitch in it, which I think is so neat (and VERY easy which never hurts!) ; the pattern will include 8 sizes and should be published around the New Year!

I hope you like it :)


Sometimes it feels nice to take a break from this whole pattern-writing/designing thing because it involves a lot of work and can be frustrating at times. There are times where I really miss straightforward knitting, just following a pattern that someone else worked out.

So while I was working on Storytime Scholar, I decided to knit this adorable little number that I kept seeing everywhere on Ravelry. Total no-brainer, the owl is absolutely adorable and the whole thing took less than 2 hours to knit up. Plus Axel needed a new hat anyway.

P1040390 P1040391 P1040393

After going to the park to give it a test-run, it became obvious that the hat was a bit short for Axel and that it was not going to stay on his head, so I quickly whipped up a seed stitch scarf that I sewed on to the back half rim of the hat… This time we have a winner!


He wears this everyday and I think it’s the cutest thing ever (random people in the street seem to think so, too). The pattern is available on Ravelry here, and if you still have last-minute Christmas presents to make, this is a good bet!

Defi13: Latte Baby Coat

Voici mon petit dernier, chaud et moelleux comme un petit caramel! J’ai pensé qu’il s’inscrivait bien dans le thème du Défi13 de ce mois-ci ;)

Le patron est presque prêt et sera est maintenant disponible ici sur Ravelry (en Anglais seulement pour l’instant)!!!

Pour voir plein de belles choses au goût de caramel et chocolat, c’est par ici!

The Défi’13 challenge is a monthly knitting or sewing project in the French blogosphere. The challenge’s theme this month was “Caramel and Chocolate”, so I thought I would introduce my latest pattern, which is now available here on Ravelry!!

I hope you like it :)

Trico’13: promenons-nous dans les bois…


Voici ma contribution au Trico’13 de Novembre (thème: accessoires). Une petite capuche/écharpe pour rester bien au chaud dans les bois pendant que le loup n’y est pas…




Si vous souhaitez tricoter un petit chaperon rouge pour vous ou vos proches (cadeau de Noël vite fait bien fait, non?), le modèle est disponible en Français ET en Anglais sur Ravelry gratuitement. Pour celles qui n’ont pas de compte Ravelry, laissez moi un commentaire et je vous enverrai le modèle par mail.

Pour voir les superbes créations de toutes les participantes, on clique ici!



Cliquez sur l'image pour obtenir le modèle sur Ravelry


Here’s my contribution to this month’s Trico’13 (the theme was “Acccessories”). A cozy little hood/scarf combo to stay warm while wandering in the woods…


I wrote down my notes so that you can also knit up this little red riding hood for you or your loved ones (a super easy and quick Christmas present, no?) Click on the image above, which will take you to the Ravelry page for this free pattern. If you don’t have a Ravelry account, just leave me a comment and I will email you the pdf.


New pattern by moi!



Un clic sur l’image pour aller sur la page Ravelry


Je viens de mettre mon premier modèle de tricot en vente sur Ravelry! Only in English pour le moment, mais si suffisamment de gens me le demandent, j’ajouterai une version en français. Le modèle inclut 5 tailles et 2 longeurs et je le vends $5.


Voici la bête:



En taille 0-3 mois


Et en version Paletot:



En taille 12-18 mois

Si vous êtes intéressées, cliquez ici:


I now have a pattern for sale on Ravelry! Pretty exciting stuff. I hope you like it =)

It’s available in 3 sizes and 2 lengths – coat and jacket – and I’m selling it for $5.

Here is the Ravelry link for those who are interested:

Trico’13: Baby Sophisticate


Du point mousse, j’en avais un peu par-dessus la tête (voir posts précédents) donc j’espère que vous ne m’en voudrez pas de m’être limitée au col et à la bande de boutonnage de ce petit gilet pour le Trico’13. On dira que ça compte!

Modèle: Baby Sophisticate par Stockinette, bidouillé pour une taille 2 ans et une laine différente. Le modèle est également disponible sur Ravelry en tailles plus petites (0-3 mois et 6-12 mois je crois). Et il est GRATUIT! Si!

Laine: Rowan pure wool aran, coloris Cedar

Aiguilles: 5 mm ou US8


Gros coup de coeur pour ce petit modèle, très bien construit et avec un petit effet “Papy” que je trouve super chou. Il monte super vite en plus et les finitions sont minimes.


Baby Sophisticate

Baby Sophisticate


Point mousse: point trop n'en faut

Point mousse: point trop n'en faut


Boutons de Papy

Boutons de Papy


Here’s my Trico’13 – a bit of a stretch this month, as the theme was garter stitch and I didn’t feel like doing a third garter stitch project in a row (scroll down for evidence). This is another order from my friend Kate, who liked the librarian style of this little cardi.


Pattern: Baby Sophisticate by Stockinette, adapted for a  2-year-old, using a different gauge. The pattern is also available on Ravelry but comes in two smaller sizes only (0-3 months and 6-12 months). The pattern is well-written, cleverly constructed (top-down) with minimal finishing, and best of all,  it’s FREEEEEEE! Thank you Stockinette!

Yarn: Rowan pure wool aran, Cedar colorway

Needles: 5 mm i.e. US8


This pattern is so quick and adorable… I’m also glad I went for leather buttons , which help achieve the Grandpa effect I was aiming for =)