How I killed Laura Palmer

As I intuited, not much ended up getting accomplished this past week-end, in spite of my crafty plans. Extreme laziness compounded by lack of sleep made yesterday particularly useless. Saturday was consumed by figuring out the details of my Halloween costume, which I ended up aborting 40 minutes before the party was supposed to start.

I actually thought I had a brilliant idea: I was going to be Twin Peaks’ Laura Palmer (the dead version), involving scary “dead girl” make up and a plastic tarp – Laura Palmer’s body is found “wrapped in plastic” by Pete Martell. I figured i could just get a pleated skirt, a plastic tarp, a couple of props and wear my blonde wig.

Well, first of all, the props didn’t work out: I went hunting for a half-heart pendant like the one Laura has, but i couldn’t find one anyhwhere. I assumed I had a Sharpie at home somewhere (but didn’t), which I would have used to write “Diary” on a notebook. I also wanted to carry a cassette player to play the Twin Peaks theme song, I thought that would have been pretty funny, but of course our spotty internet connection chose to go dead just when i really needed it to download the song and record it.

Anyway, the major hurdle was actually the plastic tarp: it started to dawn on me that wearing it would get very uncomfortable, very fast. Not to mention having my arms stuck inside all night.
The wig also was a disaster: it’s actually platinum blonde, with curls everywhere – not at all Laura Palmer-like. I tried to drench it in hair gel, and gave it a bit of a haircut, but it just made it uncomfortable and smelly. I ended up giving up on the idea entirely at like 10pm, and finally just went as a female physicist, with oversize fake glasses, hair pulled back in a bun and a calculator in my pocket… So laaaaaame. Arg.

As it turns out, when I told people at the party was my costume was originally going to be, most of them had no idea who Laura Palmer is.

Laura Palmer looking dead

Definitely dead

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