Possible Future Project

I got 8 balls of yummy Swish DK yarn from Knitpicks: 4 in Nutmeg, 4 in Asparagus: I was thinking I could use the Asparagus to make the Kate Gilbert pea pod baby sweater (I found the pattern here) It looks a little more challenging than what I usually knit, with the really cute lace part. Not sure about the little hat (seems too small for that baby, no? Maybe i could just modify it slightly.)

Why make more baby clothes? Yes, you’ve guessed it, it’s the attack of the pregnant friends! They are all expecting and I like knitting small projects — short attention span — so everybody’s happy that way.

Progress on the ribbon-tied dress is halted: I was doing great last night but ran out of yarn, so I have to wait until my order arrives in the mail.

2 thoughts on “Possible Future Project

  1. I like your blog! Great job. I love the pea pod baby sweater, it is on my list, downloaded and everything. I was thinking of making it next. Now if I have questions I now where to ask- it looks much more complicated than anything I have done. I think the hat is too small. Please feel free to use the pictures of the baby booties you made Elise.

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