Completed Dress


I am finally all done with the Debbie Bliss Ribbon-Tied Dress. It an was easy and pleasant enough process, I mostly knit it watching House and Grey’s anatomy. I’m happy with the result overall, but the pattern had one of these annoying “complete to match first side” bit, which is really not very helpful for not-so-experienced knitters like myself. I tried to guess what kind of decrease to use AND also made silly mistakes (i couldn’t be bothered to look up what exactly “tbl” means). As a result, I frogged the right front about 3 times until I decided that i didn’t know how to make it match the other side exactly. I’m sure there is a way to not have the decreases so visible, but oh well. The other thing that is a bit annoying is how the bottom still curls a bit even though I blocked the hell out of it. Otherwise, I think it’s cute and it has a nice drape to it. It’s bigger than I thought, too (i made the smallest size) but that’s better than the other way around I suppose.


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