The new Knitty has arrived!

I’m always eagerly anticipating each new issue of Knitty, to see which free patterns I could add to my never-ending list of things I might one day knit.
Here are good contenders:
I’ve been meaning to try the entrelac technique on something. I had thought of possibly knitting Eunny Yang’s Entrelac Socksbut it seems like quite an undertaking. So this little headband should be perfect! And the European winter will be a good testing ground, too.
This is a really pretty lightweight scarf, that would work perfectly in the L.A. weather, as a nighttime going-out accessory. I love the delicate antique feel and I’ve been wondering how I could make something out of pure cashmere without going completely broke. The ribbon is adorable, too. Love, love, love it!
I would knit this with either 3/4 sleeves or cap sleeves, as this particular length wouldn’t look flattering on me. I also wonder how this would fit me, as i’m quite a bit more curvy than the model. I really like the clean collar line and the lace pattern though.
Square Cake
Pretty! I could make this as a gift for somebody.
Toasty Popper
This is really cute! In France a lot of kids (used to?) wear similar kinds of hats called “cagoules” that cover the entire head and neck, but I have to say this one is a much nicer version.
Cables & Bits
I immediately thought of my sister-in-law’s dog when I saw this! If she is reading: do you think this would look flattering on Lady? 😉

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