La Lainière de Wazemmes

We just returned from a day trip to Lille, which is very close to Brussels. It’s always weird being able to cross the border so easily, you just drive by a big European roadsign announcing the entry into France. Unfortunately, Lille was just swarming with holiday shoppers (including amazing numbers of British people) so trying to accomplish some Christmas shopping was not an easy feat. Not to mention the weather was atrocious.

My main goal for this trip was to check out a yarn store i’ve been reading about in French knitting blogs, a must-see for thrifty knitters, apparently full of huge bags of discounted yarn everywhere. It’s called La Lainière de Wazemmes, and they have a website here.
I was slightly disappointed because they don’t have a lot of all-natural yarns, which is what usually interests me. Mostly they have blends (like, 20%, 30% alpaca or cashmere, and the rest is just wool or acrylic). Apparently they do have luxury yarns from time to time but they get bought immediately.
I did manage to purchase the last few balls of a really affordable black cashmere/merino blend, and also one that had a touch of golden lurex in it. Actually it’s on their website here, but people! I bought all of it, so don’t bother!

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