Victorious at Waterloo

My mom and I braved the below-freezing temperatures on Sunday morning and drove to Waterloo, a suburb of Brussels famous (among other things I’m sure) for having brought the French emperor Napoléon to his knees. That’s where he fought his last battle and the defeat pretty much precipitated the end of his rule.

I have to admit, however, that it isn’t the historical relevance that brought us to Waterloo: on Sunday, there is a sizable flea-market there, and we wanted to see if we could find a few things. The sun was out so the biting cold was not too unpleasant. The prices were very reasonnable, on average everything was much cheaper than what you usually find at French flea-markets, and there were some really cool items. If I had money and the means to ship stuff back to the US, I would have bought quite a few things.

We were reasonnable and for a few Euros, we scored a handful of things: a 1950s or 60s Japanese-influenced embossed tin box (totally loved the design and colors), a 1940s razor with a bakelite handle, a 19th century pillow case (beautifully handmade and huge, could easily be used as a baby duvet cover), and a little basket, which the cat immediately started investigating.


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