Finished Square Cake


I’m all done with Square Cake! I made it for my grandmother for Christmas, she is such a master seamstress and knitter, I hope she’ll like it ok. It was a real pleasure to knit, fun, easy and quick. I handsewed a few little fabric roses and tiny beads (hard to see on the photo, alas). I also ended up handsewing the fabric lining entirely, as I didn’t have a sewing machine on hand. I’m pretty happy with the result.

About the pattern: I made the small size, totally disregarding the suggested yarn. I used a 100% pure wool called Phildar Altitude, which I found in my grandmother’s attic. The only problem with it was its lack of sheen, which I think is actually important for this pattern, as it probably helps in bringing out the diamond panels. Blocking really was essential in my case, the bag didn’t look like much when it first came off the needles.

The finished size, including the handles, is about 12×10″. For the lining, I used a little bit of this cute upholstery fabric I found in a remnant bin at Les Tissus du Chien Vert.

squarecakeinterior.jpginside… squarecakedetail.jpg detail…

And voilà!


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