Kim Hargreaves

So I was surfing the web, looking for inspiration, when I stumbled upon this. I had been eyeing people’s Rusted Roots, Green Gables, etc, and I was very tempted… But when I saw Blithe, I thought now this is a nice, flattering, totally wearable little thing, and I think I would look great in it, if I do say so myself. So I was totally gearing up, had the yarn ready for it and everything.

But then when I enquired about the pattern, Girl Who Knits explained to me that the designer, Kim Hargreaves (worked many years for Rowan apparently) only sells her patterns in the form of kits (complete with yarn and buttons). Well, needless to say, this won’t really work out for me. She is in England, and the GBP being so strong, and shipping all the way to California, it would turn out to be a really pricey project. Not to mention, there are more affordable options out there than Rowan yarns, which are great but not cheap.

That is too bad.

In fact, I’m really quite upset about it.

Even more so now that I realize I’m *also* missing out on all these:


New BeginningsBeatrixEvie



Mmmh. What to do.
The silver lining to this, I guess: she does have a book available now with 21 of her patterns, and some of them are quite nice. So maybe I’ll shell out the cash monies for this (I particularly love the Erin cardigan.)

We will have to see.

3 thoughts on “Kim Hargreaves

  1. I’m with you. I love her patterns, but the kit thing is just prohibitive. And it’s sad because so many knitters are in the US. I hope at some point she compiles some of these patterns into books so we can purchase them.

  2. Welcome back! I am so jealous you were back in Europe. But lets be honest, I am insanely jealous you are French! Is that weird? Oh well. Yes, lets hang out soon.

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