Au Revoir Mamie…

My grandmother passed away yesterday. She had been sick for about 9 months and hospitalized for the past 2. I am flying home in a few hours to be there for her funeral, and I’ll be back just a couple of days later.

I think we were all prepared for this to happen, and seeing her go through this horrible illness was so heartwrenching that, in a way, we feel a form of relief. But in reality, I don’t think I’m ready to think about what her absence from my life will mean. She was the one I talked to about all the girly stuff, my dreams, how many children I might have, who I would marry. Her true passion was to sew and it was decided when I was about 5 that she would be the one to make my wedding dress!

Her life was not a fairy tale, she starved as a child during the war, married at 16, had her first child at 19, had a life of hard labor on the farm. But she laughed a lot, always remained so young and curious about everything. She really loved life and was able to cherish the great joys and small pleasures it can bring. I will miss her more than words can say.


1 thought on “Au Revoir Mamie…

  1. ravie de découvrir ton très beau blog et d’y voir une magnifique photo de ma tante (une grande dame). Je t’embrasse et continue tes belles réalisations.

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