Baby knitting interlude

While I was in France I tried to get started on Kate Gilbert’s Peapod Baby Sweater, for which I had bought some nice green yarn a while back.

Unfortunately, (I’m a bit ashamed to admit it,) I got totally stumped by the chart for the bottom part of the sweater, and started over about 5 times, in a really stubborn, non-thinking way, until I’d had enough and finally decided to look for help on the internet.

Turns out I had totally misinterpreted the symbols in the chart. By the time I figured out my mistake, I had come across Presto Chango, an even cooler pattern (in my opinion) by Shoeless Val, whose blog is here. So I’ve been knitting that instead. That is not to say that I won’t knit Peapod, but it got me so frustrated that I needed some time away from it.

1 thought on “Baby knitting interlude

  1. I am having the SAME trouble with peapod! I am going to switch to the presto chango. I’m glad I’m not the only one.

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