Holding Pattern


This is as far as I’ve gotten with the Textured Tunic after knitting up one ball of Chunky AL. I’m waiting for my Webs yarn order to arrive…

See, what I usually do is I’ll check out yarn options at my LYS to see which one I like best, and buy one ball to get started on my project (because I have to keep that momentum going, can’t wait!!)… and then I’ll buy the remainder at a discounted rate on the web.

I would love to support LYSes more, but what can I say, I’m broke!

So while I’m waiting on that, I thought I should raid the stash and start a project using that KnitPicks Swish yarn I bought a while back. I still have a couple of balls in Asparagus from Presto Chango, and 4 unused balls in Nutmeg.

So here you go! I’ve just started a sweater for Dil, Gabe’s nephew: it’s called Mister Escargot and it’s from the Tricot Baby catalog No.140 by Bergère de France.


Now that I’ve got a new project going, I can go back to my ER marathon virtually guilt-free!

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