… a.k.a the Very Very Easy Bag…

which I present to you in its open state:


And here we see the specimen in its fully assembled form, supported gracefully by knob. (note: one must pull these here side-strings and fix them in a bow-form to achieve this effect) Observe the heft.


A birds eye view reveals an effortless cradling of yarn and yarn-related affairs.


Please do notice the layered foldings and un-foldings as well as an impromptu button assemblage with revealed threading.


Disclaimer: a guest (or ghost?) writer (i.e. Gabe) is responsible for the above introduction of the VVEB. What I wanted to add, in a more down-to-earth style:

Pattern: VVEB, tutorial found on this French blog. I think she got it from Froufrou et Capucine, whose link is in my sidebar. (Warning: it’s in French but there are photos so the process is pretty self-explanatory.)

Level of Difficulty: duh

Fabric used: Michael Miller’s Dandy Damask and Amy Butler’s Belle (from remnant bin at Michael Levine’s and Ebay, respectively)

Time spent making it: um…

Time that should have been spent making it: about an hour

My thoughts on this project: easiest possible pattern for a bag. I wouldn’t recommend using this as a purse, as small objects would easily escape, but my intended use was a simple knitting bag, and it works well for that. I added the inside pocket and put in a big button so that it would stay closed. I could imagine this working as a diaper bag — you could use the flat state as a changing mat. Overall: perfect when you just have to sew something but don’t want to be aggravated.

8 thoughts on “FO: The VVEB…

  1. I love, love, love this. So easy, so cute. It’s officially been added to my list of things I just gotta make.

  2. Ha! That’s so funny because I thought as I was reading the description, “this sounds so scientific.” I love the fabric and all the little details. Great colors.

  3. ohhhhhh it’s a beautiful bag, really !!!
    I’m really happy to see that my tuto was used all over the world … where do you come from ???

    Thank’s a lot for the link !

    May I take a photo for the album on my blog ?

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