Hanty Panty!

This website made my day. I just stumbled upon it today and this is the coolest, cutest, most hilarious thing ever.

I’ve got to try to make one of these but I’m afraid there will be no action shot. And like she says, ” If your hips are big, don’t worry. You needn’t use handkerchief.” Ha!

PS: I did a bit of spring-cleaning in my sidebar, and have added a bunch of links to various sources of patterns (knitting, sewing, free, non-free…) that I think are cool. I’m going to try to keep adding to this, so stay tuned.

1 thought on “Hanty Panty!

  1. Glad you shared this. After looking at it awhile, I went from “this is crazy” to “hummmm…handmade panties”

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