FO: Mr. Escargot

Escargot Front

Just in time for Spring…

Escargot Back

Mr. Escargot comes out of his shell…

To just, you know, check stuff out.

A couple close-ups:

Escargot collar

Escargot CU

Pattern: Mister Escargot, from Bergère de France’s Tricot Baby catalog

Yarn: Knit Picks Swish DK (about 3-4 balls in Nutmeg and 1 in Asparagus), and some leftover Debbie Bliss’s Cashmerino Aran (Denim)

Needles: Size 5

Modifications: I invented the size 3 years, so I didn’t exactly follow the instructions to the T.

Also, the instructions for the collar seemed like too much of a hassle, so I simply picked up the stiches all around the neckline using a circular needle, and did a 2×2 rib until I thought the length was good (about 8 rows). Then I did the same on either side of the neck opening and sewed the bottom edge of the two ribbed strips to the bottom edge of the opening.

I added two pockets with a repeat of the stitch used for the edges of the sleeves and body, Since there was no room left for the escargot, I just decided to put it on the back of the sweater to add interest.

Time it took: Off and on, I would say about 3 week? A month?

My opinion: Pretty straightforward pattern, a little boring to knit, the seaming felt like it took an eternity. *But* I’m happy with the result, the sweater looks comfy with a nice worn-in quality, the yarn is pretty soft and very pleasant to knit with. Makes for a neat little everyday sweater.

This is going to be a “pwesent” for Dil, Gabe’s 2-year-old nephew. It will probably be a bit big on him, but that’s not a bad thing. I’m hoping to get an action shot this week-end…

4 thoughts on “FO: Mr. Escargot

  1. That sweater is so amazingly beautiful! I love all the details: the little snail, the sweet buttons, the contrast cuff and collar. Brilliant!

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