Fo: Summer top

Here’s what I whipped up last week-end in a couple of hours. Please disregard the pajama bottoms (and the mismatched lengths of the front panels… I was too lazy to fix that)!

Summer Top Front

The idea was to make a cute top that would have removable straps, so that I could later add different strap configurations, like a halter, etc… I didn’t want it to be too fitted, but not loose either, so that it would be easy to wear with different outfits.

This top was born very “organically,” which is to say, I had no idea how it would turn out. I tried to make it basically fit to my body, which I think worked out pretty well.

I’m happy I ended up with something wearable (and bra-friendly!) And I’m just so in love with the fabric (actual color is closer to the bottom pics).

Summer Top back

  • I sewed pretty mother-of-pearl bottons on the bodice, for decorative purposes:

  • This is the wrong side of the top, where the straps attach to the bodice on the inside, using little buttons which are sewn onto the nice ones on the outside:

Summer Top buttons

  • The fabric was a lightweight cotton, so I had to put in some twill tape in the hems along the edges before making buttonholes or sewing on buttons:

Summer Top Twill

That’s about all there is to it! I didn’t make darts or anything, maybe I should have, but I just decided to leave well enough alone!


1 thought on “Fo: Summer top

  1. Wow, you have been busy. Escargot is so adorable, and I love the fabric on this top.

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