The Ravelry Vortex

Ravelry is so awesome, you immediately find everyone who’s ever worked on any given pattern, along with their tips, yarn choices etc… Everything is neatly catalogued, it really gives you a sense of order and purpose… It’s such a time saver, too, because you don’t have to google for hours trying to find this info…

Wait, did I say actually write time saver?Ha, it would be if I hadn’t spent the better part of the day browsing through cute knit animals and baby sweaters…

Between the blogging, Craftster, and now Ravelry, I am never going to get any actual knitting done!!


4 thoughts on “The Ravelry Vortex

  1. I got a little bit into Ravelry but I am having trouble finding time to get to it. It looks so cool.

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