FO: Saartje’s Booties

How totally adorable is this? I think a newborn would be able to wear these for no more than a couple of weeks, they are so tiny. But why be reasonable and knit bigger ones? These are so quick and easy, you could knit one custom-sized pair every week.

Most of you already know this pattern, I’m sure, but if not, the added bonus is that it’s completely free and readily available here.

These are being promptly shipped to my friend’s brand new little girl, Léonie, who was born 3 weeks ago… I hope they will fit her!

Pattern: Saartje’s Booties (free pattern)

Yarn: Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran (Denim and Mauve), leftovers from various projects. Very little yarn was needed, a 3-4 yards maybe

Needles: US 2

Time to knit: a couple of hours while watching TV

Buttons: translucent white from Joann’s

6 thoughts on “FO: Saartje’s Booties

  1. Hello,

    I came across your blog whilst looking for knit patterns, I am going to attemt to knit for the first time in my life! I thought that your little booties were adorable so cute. I was gonna knit a scarf for a first time and see how that turned out but wanted to give you credit on the adorable cute little booties, You are very talented!

    Peace, Love and Happiness

    Gem. : )

  2. Thank you so much Gem, I would love to be able to take credit for these booties but the pattern isn’t mine! It’s by Saartje, whose blog I linked to in this post… I hope you enjoy knitting them! It’s a great pattern.

  3. Hyah Thanks for the reply! How are you? Well then you have great taste for blogging about them! lol.
    Hope that you’ve had a great weekend. If I do anything ill probably post it on my myspace. I hope that if I do you can check it out! That would be fantastic.
    Hope to hear from you again!

    Gem 🙂

  4. aww… anyone got an idea how i can adapt the pattern so that they fit an average-sized 1yr old? thanks!

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