WIP: Vintage Knits Camisole

So this project has a long and painful history. “Vintage Knits” by Sarah Dallas was the first knitting book I purchased when I started knitting in 2002. I loved the Silk Ribbed Camisole so much, and it looked pretty straightforward, so I just went for it. I used this mercerized cotton that had not drape and was just awful to work with, but I kept going. After knitting about 2/3 of the camisole over the span of many months, i though I must have misunderstood the instructions because the top just looked all wrong, and I finally jumped ship.

So why is it that many years later, I felt compelled to start this over, despite the many warnings I saw on Ravelry about the fact that the pattern is really problematic?

This time, I decided to go with the largest size, because I thought I would never wear a clingy ribbed top (not flattering unless you have a totally flat stomach). I also nixed the ribbing at the bottom, because I though the 4×1 ribbing, which is very stretchy, should be allowed to gradually stretch over the hips.

So far, I like the neckline and I really like the drape and softness of the fabric. I’m using this merino/cashmere blend I got in Lille, France, a while back. I should mention that this yarn is really hard to keep into a ball (it’s slippery so the balls tend to fall apart and produce awful tangles) but it’s lightweight, soft and drapey.

So here’s the issue, and it’s a big one, so if you have any ideas, let me know:

As you can see, there is a weird “flap” under the armpit because the seed stitch produces a completely different gauge than the ribbing. I *really* don’t want to frog the top and start over with a bunch of decreases, but I will if I have to.

Maybe if I make the back with decreases (so that I don’t have that flap effect) I could then pretend that the front flap is a cute detail? If I stitched it in place and put a couple of decorative buttons on? Anyway, any thoughts would help, this top is pretty boring to knit, so i’d like to at least get to wear it so it’s not a complete failure!

My reward for finishing the camisole will be to start using up this yumminess:

This is my birthday gift to Moi (well, one of many gifts… )

I am planning to use the Slate (grey) Andean Silk to make the Lush and Lacy cardigan, which I just love. The other two are cotton blends, and I am going to try to use them in a homemade pattern! I’m probably still too “green” to attempt one, but I have to learn sometime!

1 thought on “WIP: Vintage Knits Camisole

  1. Hummmmm. Blocking? Have you tried to block and pull the bottom out? I don’t have any other suggestions, I think your idea is about the best, but a big Kudos to you for fortitude! Good luck!

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