Haberdashery galore

Even though my budget is very limited while I’m in London (no job! London crazy prices!), I do a lot of window shopping and everything here is a feast for the eyes.

In particular, London is just full of cute little shops that have been around forever and that are insanely specialized, like this one, The Button Queen, in which a very proper middle-aged British gentleman will assist you with all your buttony needs… In fact, I really had to refrain myself not to give in to these needs.

The Button Queen

How cute is this little guy?

How cute is this little guy? Come on, click on the picture!

On my way there, I walked by this beautiful display of wallpapers… Aren’t these cool?

A bit further still, there is a wondrous, candy-store-like establishment, called VV Rouleaux, which has every conceivable ribbon, bias tape and other colorful trimmings…

VV Rouleaux

VV Rouleaux

Close-up of VV Rouleaux's window

Close-up of VV Rouleaux's window

More VV Rouleaux yumminess

More VV Rouleaux yumminess

South of Oxford Street, I found the venerable MacCulloch and Wallis in a quiet alley away from the bustle:

Everyone is very serious and every so slightly stiff in there, but it’s the real deal. Fabrics are on the ground floor, and you make your way up grimy stairs to a cramped room full of notions, buttons and picky old British ladies. A narrow staircase leads to the top floor, which houses a few sewing machines and pattern books.

Nearby is Liberty of course — The thing about Liberty, though, is that I really wouldn’t buy anything there, everything is so ridiculously overpriced… I mean, $40/yard for Liberty fabric? Pretty much anywhere else is cheaper. However, the building is absolutely breathtaking so it’s totally worth it to go there and just gape at all the beauty and opulence. In particular, I love the little flower shop in front of the side entrance. Here is a beautiful photo by Maki, which I found on flickr:

Liberty of London flower display, photo by Maki

Liberty of London flower display, photo by Maki

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