Halloween-themed: Bat Adorableness

Yes, it is early for a Halloween-themed post. However, I think it’s best to be prepared. Here are a couple examples of things I may just HAVE to knit.

  • Firstly, check out this totally cute little critter, which I saw on Craft Magazine’s blog (I’m a big fan, they always round up the best stuff!)

Un post Spécial Halloween (bon… un peu en avance!), parce que dans le genre créature sanguinaire, la chauve-souris, ça peut être vraiment super chou:

...MUST... knit...

...MUST... knit...

The wrappable wings that fasten with a heart-shaped button, the little eyes peeking out… Love, LOVE them.

The pattern is available at / pour le patron c’est ici: Mochimochi Shop.

La touche qui tue, c’est les ailes qui se replient et s’attachent grâce au petit bouton en forme de coeur… Et les petits yeux qui dépassent!

The photo is nillakitty’s version, which I like better than the original. (nillakitty’s blog, Cast & Bind, is here by the way.)

Dans la même veine…

Such a cutie pie... Photo by nillakitty, found on crafster

Such a cutie pie... Photo by nillakitty, found on craftster

Pattern is available / le patron est là: Barbaba Prime’s Fuzzy Mitten. ( FYI, She’s got lots of other cute toy patterns as well on her website)

6 thoughts on “Halloween-themed: Bat Adorableness

  1. I disagree….it’s not too early for a Halloween post!! We celebrate the holiday the entire month by doing different crafts and outings and parties.

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