Pattern for the Mohair Shrug/Bolero


A few people have contacted me to ask for the pattern for the Mohair Shrug/Bolero (blogged here a while back).


I’ve now translated the instructions from Flemmish and thought I should share it with you guys since this is such a simple project. I might also put it on Ravelry at some point.

Please let me know if you have questions or suggestions to make the pattern instructions clearer. If you make this, please let me know! I’d love to see your versions!


Voici les instructions pour le boléro en mohair que j’ai réalisé il y a quelque temps. Pour l’instant je n’ai pas encore fait de version française. Si vous avez trop de mal avec l’anglais, je tenterai une VF!




Yarn: The yarn I used is Gedifra Belisana, a 70% mohair yarn , knit on 6mm needles (US size 10) – I used about 5 balls I think? If forget exactly. I don’t think the gauge is hugely important, but you might want to find an alternate that produces roughly a gauge of 15st/4in.

It might be interesting to experiment with other yarns besides mohair, but I don’t know if it would produce the same kind of drape and cozy-ness.


Size: this is a pretty stretchy garment, so I think it should fit a lot of people, but as a reference, I’m a size M, US 8-10, French size 40.

Stitches used:
Single ribstitch (1×1 rib): *k1, p1, repeat from * until end of row
Double ribstitch (2×2 rib): *k2, p2, repeat from * until end of row




Cast on 90 st.

Knit in Double ribstitch until work measures 60 cm (about 24 inches).

At that point, double the total number of stitches over 1 row with the m1 increase (i.e. knit in the front and in the back of each stitch): at the end of this row you should have 180 st on your needle. You don’t need to make additional increases past this one row: the knit fabric will flare out gradually on its own. Magic!

Switch to Single ribstitch. Knit 20 cm (about 8 inches)

Bind off loosely.


Sew top and bottom ends of vertical edges of work together (along 8″ on each side) to make armholes
NOTE: at this point it’s best to try on the shrug and position the seams using safety needles first to insure proper fit. I didn’t want a slouchy fit, so I placed the seam pretty high on each edge. . Look at the drawing: if you want a slouchy fit, sew A to “B slouchy.” If you want a snug fit, sew A a bit higher (“B snug”). Do this on both sides.



29 thoughts on “Pattern for the Mohair Shrug/Bolero

  1. oupppss !!! j’ai oublié de te parler de ton plaid en pyjama de flanelle !!! allez vite au boulot j’ai hate de le voir !!!! le mien est au repos jusqu’à Mercredi prochain jour de couture pour moi ….

  2. I am in love!!! I can’t wait to get to the store tomorrow and get my supplies! I am going away for four days and one of my helps me with knitting- thank you!!!

  3. love the shrug…started knitting and have about 16 inches so far…24 inches before the increase seems very long…i’d say about 17 inches from the hip to the underarm is my length…am i correct that the increase should begin at the underarm point?…thanks so much…sss

  4. The increase row happens at the shoulder/neck, as you’ve figured out – I’m just adding this comment so that other people wondering the same thing have their answer!

  5. I got lovely mohair yarn as a present and spent ages looking for a pattern! Thank you for posting 🙂 When I’m finished (it will take a while) I’ll add this to my Ravelry projects (paola). Most of my knitting never ends in Ravelry, as I mostly knit socks/mittens/shawls and rarely have time to take photos.

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  7. Thanks/Merci for this lovely pattern, I finished it today and will take a photo tomorrow and post it on Ravelry.I had the mohair as a gift and had used it to knit a wrap, which i never wore, so i unpicked it as soon as i saw your pattern! I am really impressed with it, wonder if any one had knitted it up in another wool? Might be nice in a summery yarn…x

  8. I am currently knitting the Belgian Lady Bolero…question: I’m just 5 ft. tall, should I knit to maybe 20 inches instead of 21 and shorten the single rib section to 7 1/2 inches? Thanks

  9. Hello,

    I don’t get how double ribstitch can work with 90 stitches. This stitch seems only to work in multiples of 4 so the nearest to that would have to be 88 or 92. Can you let me know what you think. Thank you x

  10. Bonjour,
    Super ton bolero pourrai tu me donner les explications en francais je voudrai essayer de le faire. D’avance merci.Amicalement Joele

  11. Très beau ce bolero!
    Mais moi qui suis nulle en anglais j’aimerais bien une traduction

    Merci beaucoup!

  12. I am on my third bolero. Have had many compliments. The assisted living home my mother is in wants lessons.

  13. Please, serait il possible d’avoir une version en français ? Je suis vraiment trop nulle en anglais pour pouvoir tricoter en V.O.
    Merci d’avance

  14. do you have any suggestions for other types of yarn to use that isn’t mohair?

  15. je savais bien que j’aurais dû bosser mon anglais à l’école…. Si vous avez fait une traduction en français je serais intéressée. J’aime bien cette forme car le boléro a l’air de bien descendre dans le dos. Le mohair a l’air tout doux

  16. I wonder if you could supply me with your Yarn supplier, my Daughter wants it in the Watermelon colour, and I can’t seem to find it in Aus. Thanks Carol

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