Flickr scavenging

Goin Round in Circles by Wackystuff

Goin' Round in Circles by Wackystuff


J’adore faire la collec’ de vieilles illustrations, je ne sais pas trop pourquoi, c’est une vraie addiction, je passe des heures sur Flickr. Et sur les marchés aux puces quand je suis en Europe!

Quant à ces images toutes mimines, figurez-vous qu’elles proviennent de boîtes d’allumettes russes des années 1960! Un pousse au crime, non?


One of my favorite pastimes is to search flickr for vintage illustrations.

I’m not sure why, I seem to keep collecting them,  just to look at them, really. In the same way kids collect stickers.

These are actually 1960s Russian matchbox labels (isn’t this weird?? wouldn’t kids be drawn to these matches, like instantly, and think they were playthings?).

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