GRR: the famous short rows cardi







Ouiiiiii!!! Moi aussiiiii j’en suiiiiiis! J’ai enfin mon GRR rien qu’à moi!

Pour celles qui ne sortent pas le dimanche (ou plutôt, qui sortent le dimanche au lieu de passer des heures sur les blogs des autres), il s’agit du Gilet à Rangs Raccourcis de La Droguerie. Enfin, le mien n’est pas passé par la case Droguerie, vu que la où je suis (aux Etats-Unis pour celles qui ne suivent pas), il n’y en a pas…

Donc, à force de potasser les différents conseils donnés par les unes et les autres, j’ai fini par reconstituer le patron grosso-modo. Et oui, il y en a là-dedans!

L’idée était de finir les restes de mohair orange utilisé pour le Shrug/Boléro — mais bien entendu au bout du compte, j’ai mal calculé, et j’ai du commander plus de laine pour le finir. La laine est donc la Gedifra Belisana en coloris “Tomato.” J’ai utilisé 4 pelotes au total (je crois). Les boutons sont recouverts de Liberty vintage — le même que celui utilisé pour la robe/tunique japonaise.



GGR stands for “Gilet à Rangs Raccourcis,” which means “short rows cardigan” and everyone, and I mean EVERYONE who is a French knitter with a blog has one of these. The pattern is by La Droguerie, but as an expatriate, it was a bit tricky for me to get my hands on it…

So what to do? Well, by looking closely at different people’s versions, and grabbing tidbits of explanations/advice about the pattern where I could, I reconstituted it! Yay! It’s extremely easy to make. The yarn is the same orange mohair which I used to make the Belgian Lady Shrug/Bolero. This was initially meant as a destashing effort, but of course I was short one ball of yarn so I ended up purchasing… TWO more balls (better safe than sorry) on ebay. So I probably used about 4 balls of Gedifra Belisana total. The colorway is Tomato.

The buttons are Liberty-covered — same vintage Liberty I used for the Japanese dress/tunic.


grrself21 grrworn1






17 thoughts on “GRR: the famous short rows cardi

  1. I love this sweater and have just spent 20 minutes trying to find the pattern online. Obviously, it isn’t there… just as you said in your post. Any way you’d be willing to share your reconstructed pattern? Perhaps you can link to it in your Ravelry project posting?

  2. hey! there is one “la droguerie” shop 2 blocks from my house (I’ve already been there 3 times). If you need any patterns let me know! I think it’s only 2 euros more when you buy material.

  3. ohhh il est beau!!! le mien va bientôt tomber des aiguilles!(je suis fière c’est mon premier 😉 c’est bête j’aurai pu te scanner les explications…. si tu as besoin…

  4. I stumbled across your site in my (never-ending) search to find this cardigan pattern on the net!
    You’ve done a fantastic job, and I do hope you consider sharing your version of the pattern for all the non-french speaking people who would love to knit this up!!

  5. merci beaucoup pour ta traduction du nom “gilet a rangs raccourcis” en anglais! je ne savais pas comment le traduire!! ^^ j’ai repris ton expression, j’espère que ça ne t’embête pas! le tien est très sympa 😀

  6. une vraie merveille! chaud et vaporeux a la fois…
    J aime vraiment beaucoup et il te va tres bien. ca serait amusant de le refaire en taille 18 mois pour bebe fille (mais peut etre un peu complique?)

  7. Beautiful!!!!!! Please please share the pattern you’ve created? You are absolutely talented!!!

  8. This is so beautiful, and I, too have been dying to knit the famous GRR. Would you share your pattern?

    Barb (barbskates on Ravelry)

  9. the GRR is beautiful i also have been searching for the pattern and even went on raverly but alas no free pattern i would love to try this i live in sydney australia i am going to france in september but i want to knit one now
    please please share this pattern on your site

  10. Your cardi is lovely! I am looking for this pattern from La droguerie. Anyone having any luck purchasing it in the US?

  11. I would sorely love to make this, too. I’m trying to find the pattern and hoping a nice knitter will translate for my personal use only. If you have any tips, I’d greatly appreciate it. I’m more than willing to pay or to trade in hard-to-find knitting goods from the US! Thanks.

  12. I just spent 2 weeks in Paris and was trying to get to La Droguerie but just couldn’t fit it in. I’m a huge fan of their patterns and have no idea how to buy them. I don’t speak French but have friends who do. Are you still willing to share your pattern for the short row cardi? Also, Do you know of a way to purchase other patterns from them?

  13. Thank you! I have spent hours trying to translate “rang reccoursis” which most of my dictionary sources think means “rank shortcuts.”
    Still a long way from turning my French instructions into workable English ones and I want to join the ranks of those begging to get yours. If you are selling your version, please let me know and I would be happy to buy.

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