Another kind of knit

One of my resolution this year is to sew more. I also now have a very mobile little guy who needs comfy and low-maintenance clothes. I bought some lovely and soft Michael Miller interlock jersey a while back and found some ribbing on Etsy, and voilà! My first foray into knits = a no fuss romper. 

These photos were taken a couple of months ago. Sadly he went through a growth spurt immediately afterwards so the romper got very little use. To be fair, I also underestimated the collar to crotch length. Note to self: diapers add bulk! Perhaps I should chop it in half and add some ribbing and elastic at the waist to make it into a pajama top and bottom… Ha, something tells me I’ll never get around to it.

The main issue that I had while sewing this was that as soon as I figured out how to use the double needle to sew the ribbing on, I somehow broke it, so it doesn’t look as polished as it could have. Then, with my double needle broken, I got lazy with the hems and left them raw. Can you hem knits with a regular needle without them getting all wonky? Any tips there? I thought of using more of my precious ribbing but since it’s pretty hard to find for some reason, I decided to leave well enough alone.



2 thoughts on “Another kind of knit

  1. I am so way behind — did not know about a move to Europe and this delightful, gorgeous, happy baby of yours! Congratulations! What a great little romper you’ve sewn. I have interfaced the hem area on knits and hemmed using a regular knit single stitch, but I don’t always love the way it feels (just a tad stiff to me, even with lightweight interfacing). Raw is good! You won’t have to re-hem as he grows! 🙂

  2. It’s sooo nice to hear from you! Yes, a lot has happened since last time, huh? That’s a great tip about the interfacing, I’ll give it a try for sure!

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