Name that shrug contest!


EDIT: Thank you everyone for your suggestions! I have selected MISS DAISY to be the name of this new pattern, after a suggestion I got on my Facebook page. Congratulations to the winner!

Ta-da!! Look what just fell off my needles. Do you want to help me find a name for it?
If I select your suggestion, you win a copy of this pattern AND any other one of my patterns!!

Here’s how to participate: either follow this blog, “Like” my Facebook page, join my group on Ravelry, or follow me on Instagram, and leave me your suggestion in any of these places.
If I select your idea, you win a copy of this pattern AND any other one of my patterns!!

Contest closes on Friday, Feb.7th.

(Please allow until the end of the month for this pattern to be written up, edited and tested)

7 thoughts on “Name that shrug contest!

  1. “Audrey” as in Audrey Hepburn. Just made me think of clothing style back then when I was looking at the cardigan. Love this cardigan!

  2. Will look adorable on any bundle of joy and that sight will touch your heart….hence my suggestion “touch my heart”….happy knitting

  3. Nuage, nuvola, sveet cloud: 3 suggestions in french, italian and english!
    Congratulations for this lovely pattern!

  4. Ritournelle (it’s a little easy and light song in french), Cheerfully, Laughing Gull other Mouette Rieuse in french . For me this wonderfull shrug needs a name that reminds of light-hearted, gaiety ….I really love this pattern and hope to can knit it soon.

  5. Good morning! I know today ends your naming contest for your latest baby shrug. Just checked the thread of suggested names and realize I’m not on it; I inadvertently made my suggestion elsewhere on your Ravelry page, being the first to do so for this contest. Please consider my suggestion. Whatever you decide, I can’t wait to use the new pattern for my new niece, scheduled to be born in June! And thank you for your marvelous blog, as well as the cutest baby clothes online.

    “Frenchseam” aka Amy Funt

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