Month in the Life of @frogginette: Day 1: Workspace

This month I’m taking part in Create and Thrive’s Instagram challenge (#ctmonthinthelife).

The idea is to provide a sneak peek inside the lives of “creative types” by posting a photo a day on Instagram. Each day will have a different theme (the list of themes is listed above).

Today’s theme is Workspace, and this is the photo I posted:

The nice thing about doing knitwear design is that it’s a very portable thing, as long as you have a laptop, your knitting and something to scribble on, you can do this anywhere, anytime basically.

More often and not, this is how I do work: on a corner of the couch, trying to eat lunch while writing up a pattern, answering emails, posting in Ravelry or doing some knitting. I try to take advantage of my kids’ nap time, though my eldest doesn’t really nap anymore, so if he decides to get up and come hang out with me, I just knit or do some easy stuff on the computer. In general I keep activities requiring concentration (i.e. grading, making charts etc) for the early morning or after the kids’ bedtime.

In a perfect world I’d have my own little studio space, or even just a few consecutive hours every day to get things accomplished. One day maybe…

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