About Moi

 Originally from France, I have been living abroad for as long as I can remember, with one brief parenthèse of Parisian life during my college years. After being seemingly settled in the US, my physicist husband, our baby boy and I have recently moved to Germany. Oui, la vie est compliquée.

My grandmother deserves all the credit for attempting to teach me to knit and sew from an early age. I love alpaca, merino wool and Liberty, and scouring fleamarkets and thrift stores. I also love gardening, and have recently experimented with growing plants from cuttings. It goes without saying that I have a profound love for homecooked spécialités.

27 thoughts on “About Moi

  1. Hey there Frogginette –

    I use the type of needle labeled “stretch” for knits. I’ve also heard that using a “walking foot” on your machine helps it not to pucker so much but I’ve never tried it. Then I use an overlock type stitch (looks sort of like a zig-zag but it’s square on one side) to stitch the right side of the shirt to the right side of the rib binding, then flip the binding over the seam I just sewed (so it looks like it’s folded in thirds) to the back side of the shirt and topstitch it down with a really long straight stitch. That seems to be the best way to get it to look normal without having a serger, as far as I can tell. Hope that helps!

  2. Bravo pour ton site , vraiment tu es très douée.
    J’ ai totalement flashé sur le modèle Nob Hill, mais je n’ ai pas compris les explications, pourrais tu me les traduire .
    Je te remercie si tu prends le temps de m’ aider.

  3. wrote to you about the ribbed shrug and now after reading all about toi i thought i should follow up…i’m originally from montreal…oui, oui, je parle francais…i now live avec beaucoup de soleil aussi on the west coast of florida…also love to cook, eat and grow things…passionate about yoga, including fiber yoga and pole dancing…let me know about the length of the shrug…i’ll be knitting something else till you get back to me, so no pressure…namaste…et merci…sss

  4. J’adore tes creations, alliant Liberty et Tricot, c’est trop chou! J’imagine que tu connais mais au cas ou L’entree des fournisseurs a Paris expose svt des modeles trop beaux.
    Je cherche des modeles d’inspirations pour realiser des ouvrages faciles, si tu as des conseils!?
    J’ai lu les adresse a Ny, car j’y habite ! Merci! Si tu y repasse il y a de la laine peu cher ds le fashion district sur 39 st entre 7 et 8 e avenue!

  5. Hello!
    I live in Washington and would be pleased to meet you. I have identified your mohair bolero shrug as the first attempt at “real” knitting after …well, never. I just made a scarf and it came out less than so-so, but I am not to be deterred! However your pattern is for a size 10-ish, and I am a size 12-14ish..so I wonder what I should do to adjust it? Anyway…when you arrive I’d love to meet you. I am a furniture designer, artist, product development speacialist in home furnishings…decoratvie accessories, etc…so much in common. cheers and thank you in advance
    202-258-4350 cell phone number

  6. hi,je viens d’acheter de lisa chemery on raverly le modele du petit paletot ,(id 9nw9916onh7025441 paye avec paypal) en anglais,je suis italienne et je connais mieux le francais que l’anglais,et j’ai vu que vous avez le model en francais aussi,peut etre vous pouvez me l’envoyer enfrancais?
    carla maria zamperetti

  7. C’est merveilleux ce que tu fais, j’aimerais vraiment etre en contact avec toi pour pouvoir ameliorer ce que je sais faire. je vis au Mali en Afrique. Est ce que je peux avoir des explications sur comment tu confectionne les chaussons pour bebes. et plus s’il te plait

  8. ur site is so nice,can u put please the abeiviation and symbols of trico on fransais thank u

  9. I am so frustrated. I love your designs and wish to purchase the baby tiered coat, However, I was fraud victim and will no longer use PayPal. Can I give you a credit card?

  10. I also tried to purchase the baby tiered coat by credit card but instead of completing the purchase, after filling in all my credit card info, I was instructed to complete the info to create a PayPal account. I don’t want a PayPal account. What do I need to do to get my credit card accepted so I can purchase the pattern?

  11. I tried to buy the tiered coat pattern on Ravelry. I was not able to download the pattern but I am trying to get help.

    Has your pattern been updated for toddler sizes?

  12. Love your baby and toddler tiered coat. Do you have this pattern available for 7 years old and up? Love this pattern and easy to follow.

  13. Bonjour, Je suis tombée sur ton blog par hasard, j’adore! tu as des doigts de fée, Je t’invite si tu passes par le Québec un jour, dépose-toi chez moi le fleuve est à nos pied, la julie factrie te fera connaître des fibres canadiennes et même de l’alpaga régionale! Continue de nous inspirer!

  14. Hi, j’ai acheté le patron du cachecoeur, et j’ai fait en..4 heures.. comme j’ai un blog(la maglia di marica)j’ai publiè la foto du model et j’ai ecrit que si quelqun l’aurai achetè et m’enverrai le file en epreuve , je lui enverrai la traduction en italien, comme ca mainenat vous pouvez voir combien des lectrices italien ont achetè le patron…

  15. am wanting to make the storytime scholar for my son, but it would need to be a size 6, any chance you are going to expand the sizes on this pattern

  16. Bonjour je truve superbe le modèlecde cache coeur présenté par le petit garçon, mais je n ai pas compris comment faire pour se procurer le tuto ( taille deux ans) merci d avance pour tout élément de réponse

  17. Loved making the Latte Baby Coat. Wish it came in child’s sizes too. I would love to make this for my grandsons, who are 5 and 10. Would you consider expanding the sizes?

  18. Hi, I just finished knitting the Latte Baby Coat in the 6 – 12 size. It looks great except for the hood opening at the neck which came out very small amd tight. Is there anyway that I could fix this? Thank you!

  19. i Have a question about the tiered coat or jacket pattern.I started the pattern and did the seed stitch for the first 11 rows. My question is that if I start adding four stitches on the next 2 rows, wouldn’t I be starting on the WS and not the RS as directed in the pattern? I’m confused and could use some help! Thanks….

  20. Hey Frogginette,
    since a few weeks I am trying to purchase some patterns from ravelry but encounter difficulties with the purchase. The system does not work for me. I cannot purchase, it does not let me complete purchases.
    Would it be possible to purchase the following patterns directly from you? I am looking for the Latte Baby Coat and the Baby and Toddler Tiered Coat and Jacket patterns.
    I love your designs. I am mainly knitting for my baby grandchildren.

    Sincerely Elisabeth

  21. Frogginette,
    I would like to make the baby latte jacket in a larger size, for my 6 year old. Do you have directions for a size or two larger than the 4T that the pattern goes up to?


  22. I have just made the baby latte coat. I really love it! Do you have a pattern for tights/leggings to match or coordinate with the sweater? I can’t find one I like.

  23. I just finished the Tiered Baby Coat for the grandchild of a friend. I love it. We all love it.
    Do you have instructions on how to line coat. I have some wonderful quilting cotton, but am reluctant to start a trial & error process on my own.

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