Baby bonnet




As soon as I saw this beautiful pattern, I knew I needed to make one for Baby#2. It’s called Lilacs for Lila and it’s available (for free) on Ravelry.

I used some leftover Malabrigo Silky Merino (color “Cape Cod”), which is a gorgeous yarn, with subtle grey/pink variegation. I knit the smallest size but my gauge was a bit off so the size I ended up is probably more of a 6-9 months size, which should be just perfect for next Spring.

I’m very happy with the way it turned out, it was very fast to knit and the lace repeat was easy and fun.


FREE: Tiny Explorer Pants pattern and tutorial

I wanted simple pants for my almost 1-year-old that could be sewn during nap time but still have cute details. They had to be comfortable and roomy in the diaper area but not ride up the leg when crawling. I could imagine a hundred customizations of this very basic pattern! I hope you’ll have fun with it 🙂

Pour le tuto en français et le patron, cliquez ici!

Click here for pattern. Scroll down for step-by-step tutorial:

PLEASE NOTE: I’ve made this pattern available for free for your personal, non-commercial use. I hope you enjoy it! Please don’t post, copy or distribute any elements of this pattern (including the photos). Instead, please link back to my blog, Frogginette Makes Things, You can post the main pattern photo as long as you link back/give credit.

Please email me at lchemery(at)hotmail(dot)com if you find any errors, thank you!!


You will need:

  • – a printer and 3 sheets of A4 size (i.e. “regular” sized) paper. A word of caution: set page scaling to “none” in the print window to ensure that the pattern gets correctly printed.
  • – about 1/2 yard of fabric + scraps for pockets and tabs if you want to  make them from contrasting fabric
  • -1/2” to 3/4” wide elastic for waistband: the length I used was 19”, which is my son’s waist measurements minus 1″ (for optimal fit, measure it on your child)
  • – 4 buttons: 2 for pockets, 2 for tabs
  • – safety pin to insert elastic band into casing
  • – thread / pins / scissors…

Note about size: This pattern is intended for 1-year old babies. I’m sorry I don’t have the time or skills as of yet to grade this pattern and offer more sizes. However, it would be very easy to modify it for slightly older or younger babies (probably from 6 months to 2 years old): 1) adjust length of elastic to fit your child at waist 2) just add (for bigger size) or substract (for smaller size) 1 to 2” from leg length, pant width and crotch rise.


1- Print out and cut all pattern pieces and tape pant pieces together along lines A and B

2- Place assembled pattern along fabric fold, cut back side of pant (seam allowances are already included). Fold top of pattern piece along diagonal fold line, place pattern along fabric fold, cut front side of pant. (Tip: if you want, you can then make the “V” at the front of the pants slightly rounder, it will make it easier to do the waist casing.)

3- Cut 2 pockets and 2 side tabs (seam allowances are already included).

You should have 6 pieces total: front, back, 2 pockets, 2 tabs.

4 – To make pocket (repeat twice):

Fold pocket in half (wrong sides together) and sew down 1” from folded edge (as shown on left-hand side on below pic). Then open and press the tube you’ve sewn down:

Fold 1/2” under the sides, then bottom of the pocket, press down and sew the hem in place about 1/4” from edge. Then fold top of pocket under 1/4”, then 1”, press down and sew the hem in place across the pocket width, about 3/4” from top of pocket:

Note: I didn’t make any buttonholes since the pockets are not functional, but you could easily add some at this stage!

5- Pin pockets to back of pants (on right side of fabric). I placed mine approximately 4” above crotch and 4.5” from side edges:

Sew pockets onto pants along outside of topstitched line:

6- Make tabs (repeat twice): fold each tab lengthwise with right sides of fabric together and press down. Sew 1/4” down length, then across. Clip corners. Turn the tube you’ve made inside out, and tuck in the raw edge 1/4”. Press down. Sew all around, 1/4” from edges.

7- With right sides of fabric together, sew front and back of pants together along side seams, 1/4” from edges. Serge or zigzag raw edges to prevent fraying.

8- Hem pant leg by folding 1/4” under twice and sewing hem into place. Do this for each leg.

9- Open pant side seam and with wrong side facing you, pin tab over seam so that slightly more than half of tab sticks out, as shown in below photo. Sew top of tab to pant leg. Do this for each tab. (Note: as with the pockets, I didn’t make any buttonholes but you could easily add some at this stage)

10- With pants inside out, sew 1/4” along crotch seam. Serge or zigzag raw edges to avoid fraying:

11- With pants still inside out, fold under 1/4”, then 1 1/4” for hem. Press down, making sure that front curves and dips evenly. Sew around hem, leaving an opening of about 2”:

12: Using a safety pin, insert elastic inside of casing through opening. Zigzag ends of elastic together. Make sure the elastic is not twisted. Turn pant inside out, sew buttons onto side tabs and pockets. Voilà!

Dans la hotte du Père Noël…

Ça tricote dur en ce moment! J’ ai fini une série d’accessoires commandés par la maman de Gabe, et je suis maintenant grandement à la bourre pour mes cadeaux de Noël à moi…

Voici donc le résultats des courses pour le moment:

Crofter's Cowl

Pattern: Crofter’s Cowl by Gudrun Johnston, available for free on Ravelry

Yarn: Rowan Kid Classic


The Boy Hat

Pattern: The Boy Hat by Elizabeth Heath-Heckman, available for free on Ravelry

Yarn: 100% Handspun Mongolian cashmere by Jade Sapphire

Candle Flame Cowl

Pattern: Candle Flame Cowl by Julia Allen, available for free on Ravelry

Yarn: Malabrigo merino worsted

Knitted Neck Scarf

Pattern: Knitted Neck Scarf by Martha Stewart, available for free on Ravelry

Yarn: Blue Sky Alpacas Melange (100% baby alpaca)

Irish Hiking Hat for twin #1

Pattern: Irish Hiking Hat by Blackhorsefree, available for free on Ravelry

Yarn: 100% undyed baby alpaca

Regular Guy Beanie for twin #2

Pattern: Regular Guy Beanie by Chuck Wright, available for free on Ravelry

Yarn: 100% undyed baby alpaca

Knitting marathon: ’tis the season! I finished a few accessories that Gabe’s mom had ordered from me, and I’m now super late to finish my own Christmas knitting…

Trico’13: promenons-nous dans les bois…


Voici ma contribution au Trico’13 de Novembre (thème: accessoires). Une petite capuche/écharpe pour rester bien au chaud dans les bois pendant que le loup n’y est pas…




Si vous souhaitez tricoter un petit chaperon rouge pour vous ou vos proches (cadeau de Noël vite fait bien fait, non?), le modèle est disponible en Français ET en Anglais sur Ravelry gratuitement. Pour celles qui n’ont pas de compte Ravelry, laissez moi un commentaire et je vous enverrai le modèle par mail.

Pour voir les superbes créations de toutes les participantes, on clique ici!



Cliquez sur l'image pour obtenir le modèle sur Ravelry


Here’s my contribution to this month’s Trico’13 (the theme was “Acccessories”). A cozy little hood/scarf combo to stay warm while wandering in the woods…


I wrote down my notes so that you can also knit up this little red riding hood for you or your loved ones (a super easy and quick Christmas present, no?) Click on the image above, which will take you to the Ravelry page for this free pattern. If you don’t have a Ravelry account, just leave me a comment and I will email you the pdf.


Trico’13: Baby Sophisticate


Du point mousse, j’en avais un peu par-dessus la tête (voir posts précédents) donc j’espère que vous ne m’en voudrez pas de m’être limitée au col et à la bande de boutonnage de ce petit gilet pour le Trico’13. On dira que ça compte!

Modèle: Baby Sophisticate par Stockinette, bidouillé pour une taille 2 ans et une laine différente. Le modèle est également disponible sur Ravelry en tailles plus petites (0-3 mois et 6-12 mois je crois). Et il est GRATUIT! Si!

Laine: Rowan pure wool aran, coloris Cedar

Aiguilles: 5 mm ou US8


Gros coup de coeur pour ce petit modèle, très bien construit et avec un petit effet “Papy” que je trouve super chou. Il monte super vite en plus et les finitions sont minimes.


Baby Sophisticate

Baby Sophisticate


Point mousse: point trop n'en faut

Point mousse: point trop n'en faut


Boutons de Papy

Boutons de Papy


Here’s my Trico’13 – a bit of a stretch this month, as the theme was garter stitch and I didn’t feel like doing a third garter stitch project in a row (scroll down for evidence). This is another order from my friend Kate, who liked the librarian style of this little cardi.


Pattern: Baby Sophisticate by Stockinette, adapted for a  2-year-old, using a different gauge. The pattern is also available on Ravelry but comes in two smaller sizes only (0-3 months and 6-12 months). The pattern is well-written, cleverly constructed (top-down) with minimal finishing, and best of all,  it’s FREEEEEEE! Thank you Stockinette!

Yarn: Rowan pure wool aran, Cedar colorway

Needles: 5 mm i.e. US8


This pattern is so quick and adorable… I’m also glad I went for leather buttons , which help achieve the Grandpa effect I was aiming for =)




Je vous promets, j’ai des choses à vous montrer, mais avant, je vous signale encore un magazine en ligne avec des modèles gratuits:

Popknits,  dont le numéro Automne/Hiver 2009 vient de sortir, se spécialise dans les modèles “vintage” comme ceux-là:





I promise, I have new things to show you, but I just wanted to alert you to another online knitting magazine offering free patterns.

Popknits specializes in vintage patterns, such as the ones above.

Their Fall-Winter 2009 issue is out…

Petite Purls


Je voulais vous signaler un nouveau site de modèles de tricot gratuits pour bébés et enfants, ça s’appelle Petite Purls. C’est un peu comme Knitty, que vous connaissez sûrement, ils sortent un numéro chaque nouvelle saison, pour le moment ils ont 2 numéros disponibles, Summer 2009 et Fall 2009.

J’ai vu pas mal de modèles vraiment jolis, notamment ça, ça et surtout ça… Une belle initiative!



Do you guys know about Petite Purls? It’s a new website with the cutest free patterns for babies and children… Sort of like Knitty except that it focuses on kids.  A new issue comes out every season (two issues are out so far: Summer 2009 and Fall 2009)

I saw quite a few patterns on there that I love, like this, this and especially this —  you should totally check it out!