Comme vous l’aurez probablement remarqué, je fais un break, un peu marre du blog, pas d’inspiration… Et plein d’autres choses à faire par ailleurs =) Merci à vous toutes pour vos gentils commentaires et vos encouragements, et à bientôt, ici ou ailleurs!!

You’ve probably noticed I’m on a blogging break, I don’t have much inspiration for blogging these days and I’m busy with other things… I wanted to thank you guys for all your sweet comments and encouragements, and I will see you soon, here or elsewhere!!

Au Revoir Mamie…

My grandmother passed away yesterday. She had been sick for about 9 months and hospitalized for the past 2. I am flying home in a few hours to be there for her funeral, and I’ll be back just a couple of days later.

I think we were all prepared for this to happen, and seeing her go through this horrible illness was so heartwrenching that, in a way, we feel a form of relief. But in reality, I don’t think I’m ready to think about what her absence from my life will mean. She was the one I talked to about all the girly stuff, my dreams, how many children I might have, who I would marry. Her true passion was to sew and it was decided when I was about 5 that she would be the one to make my wedding dress!

Her life was not a fairy tale, she starved as a child during the war, married at 16, had her first child at 19, had a life of hard labor on the farm. But she laughed a lot, always remained so young and curious about everything. She really loved life and was able to cherish the great joys and small pleasures it can bring. I will miss her more than words can say.


I am finally sitting down, with a working internet connection, ready to unleash upon the world some of my latest creations and attempts at creativity. Let’s hope that the impending week-end will bring some progress. Procrastination has always been my worst ennemy.

In addition to the different projects I want to keep working on, I do have to find some sort of idea for a Halloween costume. I do have a blond wig lying around somewhere… Maybe I could put on a pink dress and be Miss Piggy? I also like the idea of being a Little Pony, with a purple spandex bodysuit, fake eyelashes and glitter everywhere… mmmmh… This is going to be a tough one.