FO: Punky Brewster skirt

For some reason this skirt reminds me of Punky Brewster, the main character of this show I used to watch in the 80s. She was this sassy kid who was really into super bright colors and mismatched shoes…

This skirt marks the end of a long sewing hiatus. I’m not too confident about my sewing skills yet, and I think I got Fabric Paralysis, like when you just stare at all this great fabric in your stash, and it’s just too much pressure, as if there was no way you could live up to it?

Anyway, the fabric is a thrift store purchase I’ve been meaning to use for a while. It’s got this great texture, kind of like seersucker, and of course I loved the glorious green color, which is really hard to photograph by the way…

So I sort of made this skirt as I went along, without a pattern. It’s really very simple but I’m really happy about how it turned out and how it fits (in spite of the bad job on the zipper!). I love that it’s so colorful and invigorating.


… a.k.a the Very Very Easy Bag…

which I present to you in its open state:


And here we see the specimen in its fully assembled form, supported gracefully by knob. (note: one must pull these here side-strings and fix them in a bow-form to achieve this effect) Observe the heft.


A birds eye view reveals an effortless cradling of yarn and yarn-related affairs.


Please do notice the layered foldings and un-foldings as well as an impromptu button assemblage with revealed threading.


Disclaimer: a guest (or ghost?) writer (i.e. Gabe) is responsible for the above introduction of the VVEB. What I wanted to add, in a more down-to-earth style:

Pattern: VVEB, tutorial found on this French blog. I think she got it from Froufrou et Capucine, whose link is in my sidebar. (Warning: it’s in French but there are photos so the process is pretty self-explanatory.)

Level of Difficulty: duh

Fabric used: Michael Miller’s Dandy Damask and Amy Butler’s Belle (from remnant bin at Michael Levine’s and Ebay, respectively)

Time spent making it: um…

Time that should have been spent making it: about an hour

My thoughts on this project: easiest possible pattern for a bag. I wouldn’t recommend using this as a purse, as small objects would easily escape, but my intended use was a simple knitting bag, and it works well for that. I added the inside pocket and put in a big button so that it would stay closed. I could imagine this working as a diaper bag — you could use the flat state as a changing mat. Overall: perfect when you just have to sew something but don’t want to be aggravated.