On the Road

Just a quick post from our motel room in Tulsa, Oklahoma…

We are at the midpoint in our road trip to Cape Cod. So far, it’s been eventful: stopped by the police TWICE… looking for our motel in the middle of a storm and a town-wide power outage in Tucumcari, New Mexico… Beautiful vistas, too, of course.

I’m getting a bit sick of eating fried food and ribs but other than that, we are having a blast. I haven’t knit a single stitch on the road so far, but it might still happen!

Road Trip on the horizon

My days in L.A. are seriously counted…

In about a month and a half, we’ll be out of this town for at least a couple of years, while Gabe completes his post-doctoral research. Did I mention before that he is a theoretical physicist and that he is writing his thesis right now?

Here is an interesting article that captures what it’s like to live with someone like him (Click on the image to get the full size):

So these are uncertain days. Now don’t get me wrong, I am all for change, and I’ve always thought moving was fun (see the “About Moi” section of this blog to understand why I would think that) but this is a little nerve-racking.

As of yet, we are still unsure where exactly we will be moving to – none of the positions that Gabe has applied for are finalized yet.

The only thing that seems certain is that in just a handful of weeks, we’ll be heading East. The various job possibilities are all on the East Coast.

So our goal is to arrive in Woods Hole, Massachusetts, sometime before Independence Day, and spend some time with Gabe’s extended family during the July 4 festivities (and score some New England seafood if we can!) By then, hopefully we will know which post-doc job has congealed and we will just head over there, I guess!

So here I am, really excited to embark on my first cross-country road trip! And of course, I am planning to pack tons of knitting supplies. I’ve discovered that I strangely don’t get carsick while knitting, which is pretty cool… Now i’ve got to think of adequate projects…