For a special boy I know


Voici deux petites choses pour Dil, le neveu de Gabe, qui, à trois ans et demi, a déjà un style très funky (pas trop le genre à porter du Liberty)

J’espère que ça lui ira, vu que je ne l’ai pas vu depuis bien longtemps! Donc zou, une petite chemisette (il a usé la dernière que je lui ai faite jusqu’à la corde!), et un petit bermuda long. En plissant un peu les yeux ils vont super bien ensemble 😉

J’ai choisi des tissus plein de bestioles amusantes et des boutons-numéros pour apprendre à compter, comme ça c’est plus rigolo pour lui!












I just made these two things for Dil (Gabe’s nephew) whose style is already quite bold, even though he is only 3 years and a half.

I hope they fit, as I haven’t seen him in a while. I decided to make him another button-down shirt (the last one I made for him was worn to death), and below-the-knee shorts. If you squint a bit, they even sort of go together!

The fun critters and some numbered buttons ought to grab his interest for about 3 seconds and a half =)


Et nos hommes dans tout ça?

Quand mon chéri est par monts et par vaux, il me maaaanque c’est fou ce qu’il me manque… Et je réalise que je pourrais être plus sympa et lui faire des petits cadeaux home-made plus souvent…


Comment ça le ruban rose c'est pas très masculin??

Comment ça le ruban rose c'est pas très masculin??


Quel luxe!

Un caleçon en Liberty Strawberry Thief, fait avec amouuuuuuur. (Patron maison)

Maintenant il en veut d’autres, mamamia!


Merci Fred pour l’idée de la photocabine!

Et vous le vôtre, d’homme, il est plutôt goguenard envers vos créations tricot/couture? Ou bien souffre en silence de passer après tout le monde?

Last week-end I decided that for once, I should make something for Gabe, who is so supportive of my knitting and sewing. So ta-da!  Liberty boxers! How luxurious, right? My man deserves only the best! What about yours? Do you make things for him sometimes, or would he rather you didn’t? 😉

London! And a couple FOs.

I realize it’s been forever since I last posted, my summer has been full of changes of plans and plane tickets and I didn’t do that much craft-wise.

What I did do is acquire an impressive amount of fabric (especially yummy Libertyyyyyyy!! I have to thank Elizabeth for her London shopping tips). Also, I have accumulated a collection of various thrifted objects, found at this summer’s local brocantes. (what is a brocante? It’s a roving flea market street fair that sells secondhand goods and antiques and a favorite Sunday activity in my family). I’ll try to put up a picture of my brocante bounty at some point in the future.

As far as the “full of changes” bit, it turns out we’ll be living in London for a couple of months before finally moving to Washington, DC!

Gabe has to finish some work here and me, well, I’m just tagging along without too much purpose, which is a strange feeling, but overall, I’m happy to have this opportunity to discover London a bit.

Which brings me to…. My Liberty-themed FOs!

FO #1: Liberty Boxers

I had a sewing epiphany again while using my mom’s old Elna. As soon as I’m back in the US, I’m so getting rid of my clunky, fabric-eating, stitch-distorting machine. It was such a breeze to sew these boxer shorts, and I’m pleased with the details for once, it looks pretty well-made. Which reminds me, I should have taken pictures of the inside, too.

These are a present for Gabe, I sort of winged the pattern, roughly copying a pair of store-bought boxers. I used mother of pearl buttons scavenged from an old shirt.

FO #2: Liberty-lined Double-Breasted Baby Coat

I’m really happy with this FO, but then again, it felt like i put in a lot of work into it. The pattern itself is very simple, loosely based on a vintage pattern I found in an old knitting magazine. But as I went along, it occurred to me that the wool (Rowan felted tweed) would be a bit scratchy for a little one, and I decided to line the coat with this really adorable Liberty fabric, since I had just the right amount of it lying around. The whole lining is hand-sewn into place and was a tad small so it got tricky to make it fit right, but I think it worked out ok. THEN, I thought, wouldn’t it be cute if I made Liberty-covered buttons as well? I was going to continue with the embellishments (I thought about adding a little pocket, or embroidering something on the front) but my mom thought I’d better leave well-enough alone. And voilà!

This is for my dear cousin Héloise’s, who is having her first baby in a couple of weeks. She doesn’t know yet whether it’s a boy or a girl, so I kept things pretty gender-neutral. I have to admit it was hard to part with the coat, but since I don’t have kids of my own, it would be pointless (and scary?) to start hoarding baby clothes!