There is something a bit retro and playful about this one, like the carousels of our childhoods! You can just relax and enjoy the ride 😉

Carousel is a very simple unisex cardigan that knits up in no time. Perfect to use small amount of leftover yarn, and to have fun with color! Two versions can be knit from this pattern: a short sleeve or a long sleeve version. Adorable pockets can be worked too.



Carousel calls for worsted weight yarn and comes in sizes 3 months to 8 years. You can find it in my Ravelry, Craftsy, and Etsy stores.

Striped vest for Axel

Baby #2 isn’t the only one who benefited from my knitting frenzy these past few months. Here’s a little vest that I improvised for Axel back in April. I had just a little bit of leftover Noro Silk Garden that I really wanted to put to good use.

The Silk Garden lends itself to gorgeous striping, I think. By itself, the colors are a bit much for me but put it next to a nice grey and it really shines.

Only problem: I really should I have made this a tad bigger… This will be pretty small by the time the weather gets colder. These pictures were taken back in the Spring, and he definitely grew a lot since then. But… there’s a certain chunky munchkin I know who might be able to wear this in a few months 😉

Retro Skirt


Quand il s’agit de couture, il y a une Ă©tape que je trouve vraiment trĂšs pĂ©nible: Le Patron.

DĂ©plier correctement le papier hyper fin, trouver la bonne taille, avoir assez de place pour Ă©taler tout le coupon bien comme il faut, dĂ©couper le tissu sans se tromper de sens etc… Bref, trĂšs souvent tout ça m’ennuie beaucoup et je m’impatiente…  Et je finis donc par bidouiller mon propre patron, en prenant de trĂšs grands risques parce que dans ces cas-lĂ  on ne pense pas toujours Ă  tous les dĂ©tails et on peut faire de trĂšs grosses bĂȘtises…


Et bien lĂ , ma foi, je suis trĂšs, mais alors trĂšs contente de mon petit modĂšle maison!

Le coupon vient d’un magasin de charitĂ© style “ArmĂ©e du Salut” et je suis sĂ»re que c’est de la laine vu comme j’ai dĂ» slalomer entre les trous de mites!! Bref, je ne prenais pas trop de risque, ce n’est pas comme de tailler dans un coupon de Liberty, vous voyez??


When it comes to sewing, I usually get really frustrated with the first step: unfolding, figuring out and pinning the pattern pieces to the fabric correctly. For some reason, I get really impatient and more often than not, I end up putting away the pattern and improvising something on the spot. Very risky strategy, as it’s tough to think of all the details ahead of time and you can end up with a big mess…

Well, this time around, I’m actually very happy with my little homemade design! I bought the fabric in a thrift store, and given all the moth holes I had to cut around, I’m pretty certain it’s wool 😉 Anyway, I wasn’t risking any fancy fabric on this experiment…





skirtside skirtback


Donc voilĂ  la bĂȘte, un peu rĂ©tro comme j’aime, je me suis bien amusĂ©e Ă  jouer avec les rayures. Elle est lĂ©gĂšrement trop grande — tombe un peu sur les hanches, mais ce n’est pas plus mal comme ça…  Une jupette bien sympa pour finir l’hiver!


In the end, I think the gamble paid off, I really like the fit (it’s just a tad bigger than I wanted it to be, but still ok), and love the retro flair…. I had fun playing with the stripes of the fabric, as you can see!