My latest design: Framboise!


Something fresh for the summer! As usual this is fun and quick to knit and completely seamless.

I wanted a scalloped hem of some kind and a motif that was easy to work and could be made to be either lacy or not. The motif is also used to add interest to the cap sleeves:



There are buttons along the raglan to make it easy to put on and off:



This top could easily be turned into a tunic or a dress by simply adding some length to the body. I think it would look great in a more winter-y type of yarn, maybe something a bit tweedy, to wear as a layering piece.

The sizes go from 0 to 6yo, and it’s available on Ravelry here.


Introducing Claudine


Claudine Layered Top and Dress: click on image for Ravelry link

Behold my new pattern !

Bravely modeled by my son, Axel, who thankfully hasn’t yet realized that he is a boy 😉
I put together a quick barrette at the last minute because I thought he wasn’t convincing enough as a girl…

So about the pattern: it’s completely seamless and really versatile, you can make a puffed sleeve or three-quarter sleeve version, and it can be knit as a top or a dress. If you leave the collar and sleeves out altogether, you get a very cute flutter sleeve top or dress for the summer. It comes in 5 sizes, from 3 months to 24 months and is available on Ravelry for $5.

Here’s the “top” version:  

Puffed sleeves

Three-quarter sleeves

  I’m always surprised (and a bit frustrated) at how much effort and time goes into writing a pattern, though it’s true that the process is getting easier. From the idea to the release, this one took about a month and a half!

Of course I have limited amounts of time to work on my designs these days, and between tweaking the prototype, grading, getting it tech-edited and tested… It just seems like it takes forever. But I’m so happy with the result, and I hope people enjoy knitting it 🙂

Buttercup top


Pour celles qui se rappellent, le tourteau du Trico’13 dernier (voir un peu plus bas) avait vu le jour à la suite d’une catastrophe tricotesque…dont le souvenir m’est encore pénible… Well, je ne me suis pas laissée abattre, et j’ai récidivé!! Même modèle (trouvé ici sur Ravelry), même laine et tout! Sauf que là je l’ai tricoté en taille XS – si, si je vous jure!


J’ai fait plein de bidouilles par là-dessus (diminutions sous la poitrine et à la taille, modification des manches, de l’encolure, du bas etc…) Comme ma laine était assez épaisse, j’ai voulu faire quelque chose de plus près du corps – le modèle original est beaucoup plus “tunique trapèze.” J’ai eu un gros problème au niveau du haut du dos qui baillait beaucoup, pas vraiment rattrappable, donc j’y ai placé une vilaine cicatrice pince… bon avec les cheveux lâchés on dira que ça va!


Sorry but no make-up = no head ;)

Sorry but no make-up = no head 😉


I love Yoel's idea for the side panels on the hips

I love Yoel's idea for the side panels on the hips


Gathers under the bust, and neckline detail

Gathers under the bust, and neckline detail


The Frankendart!

The Frankendart!


Here is my second attempt at Buttercup, which I had previously attempted in a Medium size (using the wrong yarn, and ending up with a huuuge mess if you remember). So this time around, (still stubbornly using the same yarn) I simply did an XS and made a whole lot of mods to compensate for the gauge discrepancy and the drape of the fabric. So my version is not A-line like the original, it’s much more fitted. Which works better on me I think. I also used Yoel’s lace panels for the hip shaping.


All my mods made up for the gauge problems, except that I ended up with extra fabric on the upper back, so I just made an ugly dart (which hopefully will be hidden when I wear my hair down).


Overall, I have no idea why I was so bent on knitting this, I mean it’s cute but I’m pretty sure I should refrain from knitting more summer tops. Don’t they end up stretching out whatever you do?


Madras challenge! EDIT PHOTOS


EDIT du lendemain: la lumière du jour, c’est quand même mieux pour les photos!

Ce fut ric-rac, il est minuit et demi chez moi, mais il fallait que je finisse à temps pour la deadline de demain! (midi! C’est-à-dire 6h30 6h du mat ici (j’étais vraiment très fatiguée faut croire, merci Claire!)…

Après une bonne nuit de sommeil la séance photo se passe nettement mieux!



Du rose et une fleu-fleur... c'est du top de fille ça!

Du rose et une fleu-fleur... c'est du top de fille ça!



Voilà! J’ai hâte de voir les créations de tout le monde!

Fo: Summer top

Here’s what I whipped up last week-end in a couple of hours. Please disregard the pajama bottoms (and the mismatched lengths of the front panels… I was too lazy to fix that)!

Summer Top Front

The idea was to make a cute top that would have removable straps, so that I could later add different strap configurations, like a halter, etc… I didn’t want it to be too fitted, but not loose either, so that it would be easy to wear with different outfits.

This top was born very “organically,” which is to say, I had no idea how it would turn out. I tried to make it basically fit to my body, which I think worked out pretty well.

I’m happy I ended up with something wearable (and bra-friendly!) And I’m just so in love with the fabric (actual color is closer to the bottom pics).

Summer Top back

  • I sewed pretty mother-of-pearl bottons on the bodice, for decorative purposes:

  • This is the wrong side of the top, where the straps attach to the bodice on the inside, using little buttons which are sewn onto the nice ones on the outside:

Summer Top buttons

  • The fabric was a lightweight cotton, so I had to put in some twill tape in the hems along the edges before making buttonholes or sewing on buttons:

Summer Top Twill

That’s about all there is to it! I didn’t make darts or anything, maybe I should have, but I just decided to leave well enough alone!