Pas en avance…


A l'ombre du figuier...

Mon Trico'13 en cours se prélasse à l'ombre du figuier...


Au moins on est sortis de la période “bleue”! C’est vrai, je viens de me rendre compte que tout ce que je fais est bleu depuis un certain temps!! Un peu de peps ça ne fait pas de mal, merci Trico’13!


Finally I seem to have gotten out of my “blue period” (all my project have been blue lately, had you noticed?) Thanks to the new Trico’13 theme (bright sorbet-like colors only!), it finally feels like summer around here!



Alors mea maxima culpa, j’ai honte de l’avouer, je n’ai PAS pu finir mon projet à temps! (et je ne suis pas prête d’avoir fini, même!)…Comme vous voyez, il y a encore des kilomètres de torsades en perspective…


I didn’t finish this cable-based project in time for the Trico’Treize deadline, which is today! Oh well. Cables take forever, don’t they?




Et puisqu’on est dans les confessions jusqu’au cou, voici mes autres CRIMES LESE-TRICOT:

  • je ne fais JAMAIS d’échantillons
  • je ne bloque pas toujours mes tricots. Il faut vraiment qu’ils soient très bouchonnés
  • je mordille mes aiguilles double-pointe (celles en bambou — elles ont un petit gout de miel… miam!)
  • je n’achète jamais assez de laine, et je me retrouve souvent coincée pour finir un projet en cours. En fait c’est parce que j’achète de la laine totalement au pif, sans avoir un projet en tête à l’avance.
  • je ne demande jamais d’aide quand je ne sais pas faire. Je détricote une fois, deux fois… dix fois jusqu’à ce que je trouve la solution toute seule, non mais!

Et VOUS?? Quels sont vos crimes? Avouez!!


And since we’re on the subject of sins, here are my KNITTING CRIMES:

  • I NEVER make swatches. Ever. What can I say, I like surprises.
  • I don’t always block my projects. The drying part drives me nuts, so I only do it when the project looks very rumpled.
  • I bite on my bamboo dpns. They have a yummy honey flavor
  • I never purchase enough yarn. This is because I never have a project in mind when I buy yarn. So it happens very often that I’m stuck, waiting for an extra ball or two of yarn to arrive in the mail to be able to finish a project.
  • I never ask for help when I don’t know a technique. I wait until I am completely frustrated to look it up online. What I do is I try something, frog, try something else, frog etc…

What about YOU?? What are your knitting crimes? Confess!!






En prévision du prochain Trico’Treize… ça avance tout doucement… Je me suis plantée 5 fois dans la lecture de la grille avant de comprendre comment faire..

Et malgré le calendrier, on vient de se prendre encore une bonne couche de neige… *Soupir*


I’m making steady but slow progress on my cable project — which will hopefully be done in time for the Trico’Treize on March 13. I think I finally got the hang of it, after misreading the chart and having to start over 5 times (yes, I messed it up 5 different ways before figuring out how to correctly read it).


Weather-wise, the winter made a come-back last night. Big time.



WIP: Vintage Knits Camisole

So this project has a long and painful history. “Vintage Knits” by Sarah Dallas was the first knitting book I purchased when I started knitting in 2002. I loved the Silk Ribbed Camisole so much, and it looked pretty straightforward, so I just went for it. I used this mercerized cotton that had not drape and was just awful to work with, but I kept going. After knitting about 2/3 of the camisole over the span of many months, i though I must have misunderstood the instructions because the top just looked all wrong, and I finally jumped ship.

So why is it that many years later, I felt compelled to start this over, despite the many warnings I saw on Ravelry about the fact that the pattern is really problematic?

This time, I decided to go with the largest size, because I thought I would never wear a clingy ribbed top (not flattering unless you have a totally flat stomach). I also nixed the ribbing at the bottom, because I though the 4×1 ribbing, which is very stretchy, should be allowed to gradually stretch over the hips.

So far, I like the neckline and I really like the drape and softness of the fabric. I’m using this merino/cashmere blend I got in Lille, France, a while back. I should mention that this yarn is really hard to keep into a ball (it’s slippery so the balls tend to fall apart and produce awful tangles) but it’s lightweight, soft and drapey.

So here’s the issue, and it’s a big one, so if you have any ideas, let me know:

As you can see, there is a weird “flap” under the armpit because the seed stitch produces a completely different gauge than the ribbing. I *really* don’t want to frog the top and start over with a bunch of decreases, but I will if I have to.

Maybe if I make the back with decreases (so that I don’t have that flap effect) I could then pretend that the front flap is a cute detail? If I stitched it in place and put a couple of decorative buttons on? Anyway, any thoughts would help, this top is pretty boring to knit, so i’d like to at least get to wear it so it’s not a complete failure!

My reward for finishing the camisole will be to start using up this yumminess:

This is my birthday gift to Moi (well, one of many gifts… )

I am planning to use the Slate (grey) Andean Silk to make the Lush and Lacy cardigan, which I just love. The other two are cotton blends, and I am going to try to use them in a homemade pattern! I’m probably still too “green” to attempt one, but I have to learn sometime!


I usually like the surprise effect of posting a completed project, all nice, blocked and ready to go, but this is reality: a crooked, rolled up, unwoven-in reality, and I think it’s only honest to share my two current WIPs with the world before damage-control attempts to turn them around.

I’m out of yarn for the Textured Tunic, so I’m waiting on my second Webs order to arrive before I can tackle the sleeves. I made quite a few mods to the body, not sure how they’ll pan out, but I’ll go over them when I have an FO.

As for Mister Escargot, he’s getting there, slowly but surely… at a snail’s pace.


Got Yarn?


I do! It was in today’s mail! In spite of my week-end progress on Mister Escargot (I finished the back and started the front), I will perform the old switcheroo and go back to my favored project, the Textured Tunic… Sorry, Escargot, but you are getting a tad boring…

Holding Pattern


This is as far as I’ve gotten with the Textured Tunic after knitting up one ball of Chunky AL. I’m waiting for my Webs yarn order to arrive…

See, what I usually do is I’ll check out yarn options at my LYS to see which one I like best, and buy one ball to get started on my project (because I have to keep that momentum going, can’t wait!!)… and then I’ll buy the remainder at a discounted rate on the web.

I would love to support LYSes more, but what can I say, I’m broke!

So while I’m waiting on that, I thought I should raid the stash and start a project using that KnitPicks Swish yarn I bought a while back. I still have a couple of balls in Asparagus from Presto Chango, and 4 unused balls in Nutmeg.

So here you go! I’ve just started a sweater for Dil, Gabe’s nephew: it’s called Mister Escargot and it’s from the Tricot Baby catalog No.140 by Bergère de France.


Now that I’ve got a new project going, I can go back to my ER marathon virtually guilt-free!