Woven Basket Stitch Tutorial

Video Tutorial:

For those who need a bit more help visualizing the woven basket stitch, there is a tutorial available on youtube here.

Note: It is also possible to knit this pattern as a 1×1 cable, using a cable needle (though it is much slower this way):

Row 1 (WS):  purl 1 stitch, *slip 1 stitch to cable needle and hold it in back, purl 1 stitch, p1 from cable needle** repeat from ** until 1 stitch remains on your needle, purl 1 stitch.
Row 2 (RS): *slip 1 stitch to cable needle and hold it in front, knit 1 stitch, k1 from cable needle** repeat from * to ** to end of row.


Photo Tutorial:

Row 1 (Right Side Row):

Pass the right-hand needle around the back of the first stitch.

Knit the second stitch on the left-hand needle through the front leg.

Without dropping the stitch just worked off the needle, knit the first stitch through the front leg.






Slip both stiches off the needle.

Repeat across row.

Row 2 (Wrong Side Row):






Purl the row’s first stitch.

Purl the second stich on the needle (through the front leg).






Without dropping the stitch just worked off the needle, purl the first st,






Slip both stitches off the needle.

Repeat across row until 1 stitch remains on the left needle, purl this stitch.

Repeat Rows 1 and 2.


19 thoughts on “Woven Basket Stitch Tutorial

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  2. hi! I was so happy to stumble upon your tutorial, as this stitch looks amazing. However I don’t understand what you mean by “knit the second stitch on the left-hand needle through the front leg”, could you explain some more?

  3. Hi Sanne, basically, you knit the second stitch from behind the first stitch (think of it as a mini-cable). So, passing the tip of your right needle around the first stitch, you just knit your second stitch through the front leg (or loop), meaning, you knit it as you normally would 🙂 Then of course, you don’t drop that stitch off the needle, instead you knit the first stitch first and then drop both off the needle. I hope this helps!

  4. Hi Froginette, thanks for the quick reply! I am doing that now, and it is looking nicely. For other people who come here and don’t get it: you can also use a cable needle, front of your work, K1 K1 from needle, repeat. It takes much more time this way though.

  5. Hi Froginette.
    How can I send you a picture. Its about a stitch pttern and I would be happy if you can recognize it.

  6. Love this pattern once the knit shop helped me figure it out. Might I suggest that you do a YouTube video? Now that I know how to do it, the instructions are still hard for me to visualize. Thanks for the great pattern.

  7. Hello Cori, sorry for the late reply, I’ve been meaning to do a video tutorial because I agree that it’s a tricky one to visualize, ha!
    I’ve seen that someone has beat me to it and has actually put together a tutorial on youtube! How great is that?
    Here is the link:

  8. I have watched the video several times, I read the written tutorial…….I still cannot figure it ou
    PLEASE e mail me how to do it with a cable needle. I have the Latte Cot pattern which I finished two months ago except for the front panel.
    Please help

  9. If, by chance, you knit continental, I would greatly appreciate another video. I am having trouble with the Woven Basket Stitch too. I will get it eventually, but at the moment it is not fast, and my otherwise finished jacket awaits! I will try the cable needle. Slow and accurate beats fast with errors.

  10. I am at the end of the latte coat pattern. I am on the woven basket weave and I am having a problem. On the first row of this stitch: I knitted three and began the LT. At the end of this row I had 4 stitches. Three to knit but what about the one. If I do one more LT pattern I would then have 2 stitches for the garter border. When I begin the wrong side row, how does the pattern from the first row combine with the next row? I would appreciate a response ASAP since I am trying to finish this for a gift. Thank you, Maribeth Kehoe

  11. Hi Lisa, I figured out what happened and I will try to explain. I needed to make sure the stitches between the three at each end were even. The way I counted was k3, woven basket stitch, to end. But when counting the k3, I would be at an odd number to begin the woven basket stitch. So I have figured it out. Thanks.

  12. How do you un-knit the plaited basket stitch on both the knit side and the purl side? I’ve made a mistake and don’t know how to re-position the stitches when un-knitting.

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  15. Your video is excellent. Thrilled to add a new stitch to me repertoire. Thank you very much.

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