Crocus Pocus!


Crocuses. Or is it croci?

Crocuses. Or is it croci?


Ah je vous jure ça fait chaud au coeur de voir ça! Je suis super impatiente de pouvoir commencer un petit potager, mais c’est peut-être encore un peu tôt, non?… s’ il y en a parmi vous qui savent comment s’y prendre, je suis tout ouïe!


How amazing do these little guys look? I’m just in awe of Nature. How early can I start digging and planting edible stuff, I wonder? If any of my readers have this sort of knowledge, I’d love some advice/websites!


5 thoughts on “Crocus Pocus!

  1. Crocuses are a good sign that the ground is warming up and getting ready to turn. You are in D.C. yes? You are several zones south of me, about 5 weeks ahead I think. You can probably start planting some hardier things now. Peas probably. Wait another month on tomato seedlings and such. Ask at your local garden center, see what plants they have out but beware, they sometimes put plants out a little too soon in my experience.

    Try reading here:

    for frost dates:

    and when to plant what:

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  3. Your blog is truly inspiring! I only just had the chance to take a look at your blog posts… I’ve added you to my ‘blogs I read’ list so I can find you faster and visit more often!
    I hope you have a fantastic day and good luck with your gardening!

  4. Bonjour,
    Je viens de découvrir ton blog grâce à claire, si tuveux des conseils en horticulture n’hésite pas j’ai un BTS en horticulture.
    Tu n’auras qu’à me dire le temps qu’il fait chez vous, la nature de ton sol et ce que tu veux faire.
    A +

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