My Bounty!


Ok, so I went a little nuts over the week-end. But my favorite thrift store was having an out-of-business sale and I scored all the vintage patterns, books, buttons, linen (on left), and various sewing thingies for very little money (thank you Gabe for being my sugar daddy on that one).

The fabric on the left is actually an XXXL pyjama bottom that looked brand new, which I intend to recycle into something, and a pair of unfinished handsewn capri pants, which I intend to finish.

The fabric pile at the top came from Michael Levine’s and was not quite as cheap (ahem) but I do have a purpose for it (this helps me rationalize the expense). I have a couple of patterns in mind, hopefully I’ll get started on that before next weekend.

In other news, I can report very good progress on Mister Escargot, actually, I’m pretty much done, I’m just adding some customizations to it at the moment… I should have a FO in the next couple of days.

1 thought on “My Bounty!

  1. I’m so jealous. I must not have good thrift stores around, because I can never find anything that awesome. Usually it’s the scary knitted snowman toilet paper cover type stuff at my local thrift store. Ack!

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