Dino shirt for Dil

I was waiting to have some action shots to post about this shirt, but I actually made it about a month ago before I left L.A.. It was my first venture into the world of knit fabrics and stenciling.This was a complete improvisation (again!) but oh well, it works. I just used the zigzag stitch everywhere, so that the fabric wouldn’t pucker. I probably should have switched the needle of my sewing machine, they make special ones for knits that are probably better. I didn’t bother hemming the bottom edge and the sleeves are just rolled up (How lazy am I?).

I had fun with the collar (I used some bias tape and vintage buttons and sewed on a bit of blue hair elastic to make a button loop) Also, check out my Frogginette labels! I ordered them online. I’m pretty happy with them even though they are quite large.

The stenciling was fun, I found the template online somewhere (I forget where exactly) and used some fabric paint found at Joann’s. I followed Rae’s advice and mixed the very bright green paint with some “Adobe” paint to make it slightly more muted. I used freezer paper to make the stencil. For those who are curious – as I was – freezer paper is not the same thing as wax paper, I think it’s thicker and “waxier” – you should be able to find it in any supermarket.

Here is a close-up of the dinosaur:

1 thought on “Dino shirt for Dil

  1. That is really cute! I like that the stencil is on the back. Tell me, do you have a thing for green???

    Nice labels too. I am so jealous. Where did you have those made (did I ask you that already? feeling a bit flaky today)?

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