Presto Chango!

Here’s my Presto Chango, all ready to go and smelling of shampoo. The baby it’s for won’t be born until April 6th, if all goes well, so I’m way ahead of schedule, which is unusual!


This is a great pattern, I really recommend it. It’s very simple, knits up in no time and the removable panel is a clever idea that lends itself to multiple variations and customizations. The pattern (by Valerie Wallis) is free — you can find it here.

I used Knit Picks Swish DK (about one skein and a half), knit on #5 needles. I’m happy about the yarn choice, it’s easy to clean and makes for a very soft, lightweight knit.



6 thoughts on “Presto Chango!

  1. It’s adorable! I love the front panel design, and the color you chose. Someone is very lucky!

  2. It’s adorable and perfect for a future little cousin. Isn’t it, Frogginette ?!

  3. j’aimerai avoir le patron du modele chango presto en francais s’il vous plait , est ce possible ????
    merci d’avance.

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