The new knitty!

It’s there!!

I especially loooove:

Twist and Shout -- Knitty Fall 2008

Twist and Shout -- Knitty Fall 2008

Not exactly sure about the sleeve length though… Maybe it’s the edges of the sleeves, I sort of feel like some kind of border should be added. But otherwise, I think it’s a winner!

Camden -- Knitty Fall 2008

Camden -- Knitty Fall 2008

I’ve never tried bobbles before, I think this is a gorgeous and versatile design. The idea of the detachable sleeves is great. One little caveat: I wonder how flattering it would be for people with not-so-skinny arms? (such as me?) I’ll have to see other people’s versions before I decide. I think this is the same designer who came up with Nob Hill, which I made a while ago.

Versatility -- Knitty Fall 2008

Versatility -- Knitty Fall 2008

Love the idea. Love the above configuration, as well as the shrug and hood. Not sure about the other ones. Also, I would be slightly worried that my hair, which I wear down a lot, would get caught in the buttons. But overall I think this is fabulous.

I also kinda like Retrofit and Slither. And Abby.

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